Ti West Completes His “X”/”Pearl” Trilogy with “MaXXXine” – Coming Soon

For those who thought that all we were getting was Pearl, stand delightfully corrected!  Ti West had previously hinted that there would also be a sequel to his hit slasher X from earlier this year, and now those rumors are confirmed with A24’s teaser for MaXXXine!

Set in Los Angeles in 1985, the sequel will seemingly pick up 6 years after the traumatic events that Maxine survived in X.  Presumably she’s in LA trying to make it as a star either in the adult industry or mainstream film.  Given the visual of her name on the Hollywood sign, and her mantra about not accepting a life she doesn’t deserve, we can surmise she’s probably doing well.

MaXXXine 2
She made it from Texas to Hollywood!

While X relished in late 70s nostalgia and vibes, the teaser for MaXXXine is oozing with 80s synth and a VHS style intro that brings us back to the age of video rentals (including adult ones) and all things neon and techno.  Given the current obsession with the 1980’s, this should prove a fascinating entry, and ultimate conclusion to this trilogy we didn’t know we were getting!

Surmise is all we can do since the teaser doesn’t reveal much other than the fact that the movie itself exists.  No release date has been announced yet, but if A24 manages to release it by the end of 2022, it would be an amazing feat for a film trilogy to all have been released within the same year!

MaXXXine 3
This is especially exciting news with Pearl coming out this week!

What do you hope to see most in MaXXXine
?  What did you think of X and Pearl?  Let us know in the comments!

MaXXXine 1
Check out the full teaser here!

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