Chucky: “Halloween II” Review

You just can’t keep a Good Guy down!  Fans of Chucky can rejoice as its second season just premiered.  Picking up mere minutes after the end of Season 1, this season premiere wastes absolutely no time and hits the ground running!

(Minor Spoilers Ahead)

Lost Souls
Opening with Andy and the truck filled with Chucky dolls.  We see him attempt to destroy them all in one fell swoop.  But as Chucky has proven over the last 30+ years, it’s nearly impossible to kill him once and for all, especially when there’s an army of him.

6 months later, Jake, Devon, and Lexy are all reeling and adjusting to the trauma they’ve experienced.  Jake and Devon try to keep their relationship going, but they’re separated by a bit of distance, all the while Lexy seeks comfort in drugs.  But when a mysterious threat from a Chucky doll leads them to Lexy’s house, they realize it was all one big trap of his.

Chucky 2
You really feel for Jake and Devon. They found each other in a time of turmoil and chaos, but they’ve been kept apart, and Jake’s own foster family doesn’t accept his relationship.

After things go terribly wrong, Jake, Devon, and Lexy wind up being sent to a Catholic school, whose imposing edifice seems like it will be a mainstay for this season.  Along with the revelation that this was the same building that Charles Lee Ray once lived in as a child.

All three characters feel like shells of their former selves, and it makes sense that the three of them would feel lost after all that happened.  They each lost loved ones, and there’s the added pressure that they can’t discuss the truth of what really happened.

Chucky 3
Caroline gets a new doll that’s just as frightening to those fans who remember Bride of Chucky

The official story is that Jake’s cousin Junior was the culprit, and it clearly pains them to blame him for that, knowing he’s innocent. So it’s no wonder there’s this disconnect, something which frustrates Chucky because he wants them all to be together so he can kill them together.

New Territory
The first season took its time in the beginning to introduce and set up new characters, and by contrast, this second season jumps right in and rightfully so.  One of the strengths of this entire franchise is that each iteration has always felt unique and different, and this premiere feels like it’s following that.

Everything from the new Catholic school setting (which this episode did a great job setting up) to Chucky doing things he’s never done before, everything feels fresh.  Certain actions Chucky takes are far bolder than we’ve seen him do before.

Chucky 5
Chucky goes full suicide bomber this time!

Each individual doll is much more willing to sacrifice themselves because there are others to carry on his consciousness.  And as dark and disturbing as one particular kill of his is, it’s a reminder that Charles Lee Ray is and always has been an evil psychopath.

Moving Forward
In a lot of ways, this episode feels like all set up, but it very much works.  This premiere is just as much an epilogue to Season 1 as it is a prologue to everything that’s to come in Season 2.  Rather than jumping in and leaving the audience to play catch up, it smartly gives us a chance to breathe with these characters before moving to the new setting in which we’ll likely spend most of the season.

Thus far, Season 2 is off to a great start, and right away the stakes feel higher, and the lengths Chucky will go to seem much farther!

What did you think of the Season 2 premiere of Chucky?  How did it compare to the original for you?  Let us know in the comments!

Chucky 1
Chucky airs every Wednesday night on SyFy and USA!

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