Chucky: “The Sinners Are Much More Fun” Review

Another week, another episode of SyFy/USA’s Chucky.  While the season premiere felt like an epilogue to last season while also transitioning to the new setting, this second episode really set the tone of what we’re in for this season.  In a way, it almost feels like a different series now, and that’s very much a compliment!

The Way of the Lord
Following the end of last episode, we pick up with Jake, Devon, and Lexy after they settle into their new home, a Catholic boarding school.  There they meet the incredibly overzealous Father Bryce (played by Devon Sawa in his third role on the series), the headmaster of the school.  Knowing all about their backstory, he of course believes that if the children just accept God, it will fix all of their problems.

Chucky 8
The religious zealots in this school are way creepier than Chucky himself…

The school itself is a really cool set piece, reminiscent of the boarding school from A Series of Unfortunate Events or Umbrella Academy.  Of course we get another Chucky doll being mailed there and he begins to taunt them from the shadows.  The whole episode gives the characters a chance to breathe and reassess where they are right now.

Chucky 7
We also get a new character Nadine, whom we don’t know much about. But she seems like she’ll be an interesting foil for Lexy.

By now, the trauma of everything that’s happened to the trio of protagonists is really catching up to them.  Jake is tormented by guilt, blaming himself for buying the doll to begin with and leading to the deaths of all of their parents, as well as young Gary in the previous episode.  Lexy can’t even seem to cope without drugs.

While the overbearing religious iconography is a bit much for the kids, particularly Jake and Devon who fear their relationship being public, the setting does provide an interesting opportunity for them to self-reflect.  Plus Chucky’s personality and demeanor is a great foil to religious zealots, and it’s definitely going to be fun seeing him screw with the church.

Chucky 9
Wait til they find out that voodoo is real and that’s what brought Chucky to life!

Perpetual Prisoner
Meanwhile, back in Hollywood at Jennifer Tilly’s mansion, Tiffany continues to keep Nica/Chucky hostage in Nica’s deformed body.  Right off the bat, we need to acknowledge that Fiona Dourif deserves an Emmy for all the variations she’s able to play.  The ease at which she can switch between Chucky and Nica is amazing.

Chucky 3
Fiona Dourif has been one of the best additions to the franchise!

At this point, this subplot isn’t really connecting too much to what’s going on with the kids, other that we know that Chucky is after Tiffany after what happened at the end of season 1.  But it’s genuinely disturbing to watch what she’s done with Nica, even if it is hilarious and meta to see a scene of Jennifer Tilly playing Tiffany watching Jennifer Tilly in Liar, Liar.

Chucky 10
This scene was genuinely hilarious!

And of course this subplot promises to deliver a payoff fans have been waiting for since 2004’s Seed of Chucky.  Glen and Glenda were mentioned in season 1, but the end of this episode finally has them show up, even if they’re making us wait until next episode to actually see their faces and see the entire scene.

Forever Changed
There’s a real tragedy to Jake, Devon, and Lexy at this point that is evident when you look no further than what happened to Andy in the previous episode.  Andy was just a boy turning 6 years old, and his birthday present changed his life forever and in a way ruined his life by dominating it.  No matter what happens or how you look at it, these three kids, particularly Jake will inevitably suffer the same fate.

As mentioned previously, the setting, tone, and vibe of this season feel completely different than what came before.  The dark and creepy boarding school is a stark contrast to the bright WASPy suburbia that was season 1, and even the bright and vibrant camp of Tiffany’s mansion (which is reminiscent of Seed) is is stark contrast the boarding school.

One of this series’ greatest strengths has always been Don Mancini’s penchant for changing things up movie to movie, and now season to season!

What did you think of this week’s episode of Chucky?  What do you hope to see next week?  Let us know in the comments!

Chucky 4
Chucky is airing every Wednesday night on SyFy and USA!

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