Chucky: “He is Risen Indeed” Review

Last week’s episode “Doll on Doll” left us wondering if “Nice Chucky” was genuine, had Tiffany wondering about her mental state, and had Glen wondering about their past.  It also gave us a pretty massive revelation in the form of a cliffhanger, which this episode “He Is Risen Indeed” picks up and just runs with it!

Shocking Revelations
While episode cliffhangers have revealed that Andy and Kyle survived the end of Season 1, this episode goes into much further detail about how they survived and what they’ve been up to.  Much like Nica, Andy was subjected to a horrific experience of being tortured in a cabin by a Chucky doll for the last year, while Kyle searched for him, trying to continue their original mission.

Chucky 2
Poor Andy has been fighting this since he was 6 years old!

While Jake, Devon, and Lexy rescue Andy and give him shelter in the school (which is now under complete lockdown by a power hungry and paranoid Father Bryce), Kyle and Glenda work to try and separate Chucky’s consciousness from Nica’s body.  A lot went down in the last two episodes, and as a result, there’s a lot of different pieces on the chessboard that is story and they’re all moving to a point of eventual conversion.

Though to be fair, Andy and Kyle still being alive shouldn’t be too big a surprise to anyone. As even characters on the show have said that if you don’t see a body, it doesn’t really count as the character being dead.  But what is more unexpected (and more interesting) is that both Glen and Glenda are still having the same Seed of Chucky dream and beginning to remember who they once were.

Other than Glenda helping Nica to escape, we’ve yet to see how the twin siblings will play into the larger narrative here, but Don Mancini wouldn’t have brought them back just to do so.  There’s a great moment where Chucky (in Nica’s body) demands that Glenda kill Kyle, but they don’t have it in them to murder, just like in Seed of Chucky.  Both siblings may be able to be “turned” to the side of Andy, Kyle, and the kids.

Chucky 7
Glen/Glenda never really wanted to be a murderer, and even brought the best out in Tiffany!

New Allies (and Enemies)
Perhaps the largest “twist” is the fact that Dr. Mixter, who set everything into motion by sending Jake, Devon, and Lexy to the school, is in fact working for Chucky.  Not just that, but she refers to him as “Charles”, revealing that when he was a student there once, she too was his psychiatrist, many years ago.  She’s not the first evil psychiatrist this franchise has featured (let’s not forget Dr. Foley from Cult of Chucky), but she’s the first one to know Chucky’s secret and willingly work with him.

Chucky cover
Father Bryce may be a religious fanatic, but even he has the good sense to be creeped out by Chucky.

But while Chucky has this strong ally, he also has enemies amongst himself.  Not just between Nice Chucky and the evil ones, but even between different homicidal ones, all vying for control.  The bald one known as “Colonel” gets a lot of great moments in this episode, especially his Vietnam flashback, which hilariously begs the question of how a doll ever fought in Vietnam.

It’s admittedly a lot of fun to see the different Chucky dolls fight with each other, all while referring to the one in Nica as “Prime Chucky”, which suggests that that version is either in control or the original, so to speak.

Chucky 8
Let’s just give Fiona Dourif an Emmy already for the way that she plays Chucky possessing Nica!

We’ve seen multiple Chuckys on screen before, going back to Cult and Season 1.  But the last few episodes are the first time that we’ve really explored all the different sides and sub-personalities of Charles Lee Ray himself.  Each doll is some variant of him, played out to the extreme.  We even learn that Nice Chucky is the sliver of innocence that dwelled inside him as a child.  But even that part of him is still capable of evil, as we saw when he shockingly and tragically killed Nadine.

Once again, this series has proven that it can shock us with the death of an innocent character as a way to remind us that no one is safe, and that as fun and entertaining as Chucky seems, he is still pure evil.  With only two episodes left, the pieces are still moving, and we’re pumping up for what hopefully proves to be a thrilling (and killing) finale!

What did you think of this week’s episode of Chucky?  What do you hope to see next week?  Let us know in the comments!

Chucky 3
Chucky airs every Wednesday on SyFy and USA!

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