Chucky: “Goin’ to the Chapel” Review

Last week’s episode left us all in shock with an emotional gut punch of a cliffhanger.  Nadine was a character that we didn’t know for very long, but there was a real humanity she added and Bella Higginbotham had an amazing ability to really stand out in a cast filled with very interesting and eccentric characters.

Although it was really cool and empowering for Lexy’s arc to bring Nadine back as an angel, even if briefly.

As we mourn the loss of her character, this series doesn’t stop the train that’s running and the result is possibly the greatest episode of the TV show thus far.  “Goin’ to the Chapel” goes far into supernatural horror and tension, but where it really shines is in everything it does for this incredibly entertaining ensemble.

The Power of Christ
Picking up seconds after Nadine’s death, everyone converges on the school, each with their own agenda.  Dr. Mixter needs Nice Chucky’s body for Chucky prime, Andy and Kyle are trying to put an end to Chucky once and for all, Nica wants Chucky out of her body, Glenda wants to confront their father, and Father Bryce is just trying to grasp what’s going on.

As a standoff ensues, the two opposing sides agree that they want Chucky Prime out of Nica’s body and that the only way to do it is via exorcism.  This is the moment where Father Bryce (and actor Devon Sawa) really steps it up a notch and kind of steals the episode.

Devon Sawa is a treasure in this series, and I really hope he comes back as another character next season (assuming we get one).

Thus far, Bryce has been a source of oppression for Jake, Devon, and Lexy, but here his true colors shine.  It would have been all too easy to write him as a one dimensional, uptight authority figure who only cares about power.

But he genuinely wants to help (especially for the sake of the kids), and he very quickly recognizes that Chucky is the true evil and is willing to face excommunication so that he can perform the exorcism and stop him.

Ultimately, Bryce dies fighting this evil, but he very much goes out a hero.  Perhaps the most heroic of any of the three characters that Devon Sawa has played on this show.

All in the Family
In a lot of ways, this episode felt like a Marvel crossover, in that it’s the first time we’ve had Andy, Kyle, Nica, Glenda, and Jake all in the same scene at the same time together.  As much as this episode is a mini exorcism movie (and a satire of possession horror in general), it’s very much character driven and that’s what makes it memorable.

Chucky’s in a room with a lot of people he’s hurt over the years!

One of the best features is that each character goes to confession with Father Bryce to prep for the exorcism.  And in doing so, each character gets a moment to shine and reflect.  Jake is reeling with massive guilt, believing that he’s responsible for all the people in his life that Chucky killed.  Glenda is able to confront and admit their own feelings of abandonment from Chucky.  And perhaps most tragically, Andy is terrified at the prospect of a life without fighting Chucky because it’s all he’s ever known since he was 6 years old.

Not only was this an epic penultimate episode, but it was the culmination of the entire 34 years this franchise has existed.  Andy’s story arc began way back in 1988 and he’s still growing as a character today.  There’s even a very brief flashback to a scene from Child’s Play 2 that further illuminates the sibling bond between Kyle and him.

“Goin’ to the Chapel” draws in its audience with the promise of exorcism horror, but keeps that audience with an amazing character study that longtime fans of the episode will love.  It’s tragic, poignant, tense, and as always hilarious!

Chucky airs Wednesdays on SyFy and USA!

What did you think of this week’s episode of Chucky?  What do you hope to see next week?  Let us know in the comments!

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