Chucky: “Chucky Actually” Review

Following an incredibly eventful and climactic exorcism and crossover of every character important to the franchise, no one knew how or where the season finale of Chucky would then take the story.  If last week’s episode was the climax, this was very much the epilogue to the season, which tied up loose ends, but also set things up for what comes next…

Chucky 6
We also get our first and only Chucky Christmas media!

Christmas Surprises
Much to Chucky fans’ delight, this season finale is Chucky’s first foray into a fully Christmas themed episode.  Picking up seconds after we watched Andy gun down Chucky Prime, we learn that Chucky had done his signature switch spell with Dr. Mixter.  Thus, she was the one killed in the doll’s body and Chucky escaped through hers.

As she lay dying on the ground, her life flashes before her eyes, and we see a young Dr. Mixter meeting with a childhood Charlies Lee Ray (whom she still calls “Charlie”).  There’s a genuine hurt and surprise in Mixter as she realizes that Chucky completely abandoned her after all of her years supporting him.

Chucky 1
Dr. Mixter was a fascinating character, especially after learning her true backstory. It’s a shame we don’t get much time with her, because it would have been cool to see her introduced in Cult of Chucky at the asylum.

It’s another reminder that while characters like Mixter or Tiffany will engage in murder, they have more humanity than Chucky does as they are capable of caring for others, among their own tribe.  Chucky on the other hand, is just a straight up psychopath that will easily turn on anyone, including his own wife, child, and someone who’s supported and nurtured him for decades.

Jumping ahead three weeks, we find Jake and Devon staying at Lexy’s house for Christmas.  But as they’re trying to enjoy the holiday and finally have some peace. Both Chucky and Tiffany have other plans.  Chucky merely wants revenge on the trio of teens for all they’ve done to interfere with his schemes.

Meanwhile, Tiffany needs another doll to transfer her body into after the Jennifer Tilly inhabited one was smashed via truck.  So after helping Glen and Glenda return to doll form for survival, she bids them farewell and also breaks into Lexy’s house on Christmas Eve searching for said doll.

What ensues is a confrontation between Chucky, Tiffany, and the three teens which results in two gnarly deaths by chainsaw, and a twist involving Lexy’s little sister switching sides and joining the killer doll team.  The Christmas aesthetic is a lot of fun, and watching Chucky split someone down the middle while wearing a Santa hat is the icing on the cake that we didn’t even know we wanted from this franchise!

How We’ve Grown
The most tragic aspect of Chucky’s chainsaw kill was that Lexy was just starting to make peace and understanding with her mom.  She had gone to rehab for her recent drug abuse, and had a genuine moment where she and her mom admitted that they were more alike than they wanted to admit.  Both of them dealt with the loss of Lexy’s dad differently, but were still both in pain.

Jake, Devon, and Lexy have been through absolute hell over the last two seasons, and while this series can be ridiculous, campy, and brutally violent at times, it has a great heart at its center with these three characters.  It’s amazing to see that Jake went from wanting Lexy dead to defending her against her mother.

Chucky 3
At least Lexy and her mom got some form of closure before Lexy became an orphan like Jake and Devon.

As for Jake and Devon, their relationship was very much on the rocks this season.  The premiere saw them not having seen each other in months, and the entire time at the Catholic school they grew apart.  Finally, their issues came to a head on Christmas Eve, but they seem to have moved past that.  Fighting Chucky tends to unite everyone.

Where To Next?
Like last season, this one ends on something of a cliffhanger.  If we go by the scene alone, it appears that Tiffany is about to be murdered by Chucky.  But as this series (and all of horror) goes, if you don’t actually see the character die, they’re not actually dead.  And Jennifer Tilly is such an asset to the series that it’s unlikely Don Mancini would kill her off now.

While everyone has grown this season, they’re also all just as scattered and disheveled as they were at the beginning of the season.  The only one who got something of a happy ending was Glen/Glenda (now known as “GG”) as they made it to England, away from their vengeful father.

Chucky 4
Having Glen and Glenda return was a great way to tie up a major loose end that been going for over 15 years. It was also really cool to get Billy Boyd back for just this episode too!

Perhaps the most satisfying thing to see is Nica stalking Tiffany.  After all the torture that Nica went through (even going back to Curse of Chucky), it’s satisfying to see her on the offensive.  And it also shows how circumstances like these can take “ordinary” people like Nica and turn them into cold blooded killers as well.

Season 2 had a lot to live up and it did so for the most part.  We got a whole new setting with the Catholic school, we got the return of Devon Sawa in his best character yet, we got the return of Glen/Glenda, as well as an amazingly meta and hilarious episode all about Jennifer Tilly.  This season went places we never thought the franchise could, and it will be very exciting to see what Season 3 has in store (assuming we get one)!

Chucky 2
Hopefully we a Season 3

What did you think of the Chucky Season 2 finale?  How did this season compare to the last?  What do you hope to see if we get a Season 3?  Let us know in the comments!

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