10 Fun Facts About “Texas Chainsaw 3D”

Nearly a year ago, 2022’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre attempted to capture the Halloween (2018) magic with a legacy “requel” which served as a direct sequel to the original film, ignoring all the movies in between.  Elderly Leatherface was met with a much less enthusiastic return than elderly Michael Myers had been, however this wasn’t the first time that this franchise had attempted a brand new soft reboot, discarding the previous continuity.

Now seemingly forgotten in the annals of slasher history, 2013’s Texas Chainsaw 3D also got a very lukewarm response.  We’d be lying if we said it was some hidden gem.  But it is just knowingly dumb enough to be enjoyable.  So in honor of its 10th anniversary today, here are 10 fun facts about Texas Chainsaw 3D!

1. The movie featured several returning cast members from previous films including Marilyn Burns (Sally in the original) as Verna, Bill Moseley (Chop Top from TCM2) playing Drayton, John Dugan reprising his role as the grandfather in the 1974 scene, and Gunnar Hansen (Leatherface in the original) as “Boss Sawyer”.

It broke The Next Generation‘s record of 3 returning cast members by featuring 4!

2. Neither Trey Songz nor Alexandra Daddario had even seen the original film before starring in this one.

3. Alexandra Daddario reportedly didn’t want to say, “Do your thing cuz” because she felt the line was too silly.  However, the producers convinced her to say it by telling her the film itself was meant to be silly.

4. During the scene in which her shirt is ripped open, Daddario was willing to do the scene completely topless, however the producers felt that it would seem too gratuitous, which is why the scene itself contains no actual nudity.

Many fans took notice of how well her shirt stay taped onto her, which in a weird way, is almost as distracting as a gratuitous nude scene…

5. Despite taking place in Texas, the film was shot entirely in the neighboring state of Louisiana due to tax incentives.

6. At one point when production ran behind schedule, they resorted to a 24 hour shooting schedule to be done within the 28 days allotted for filming.

7. During the fire stunt scene when the Sawyer house burns, temperatures in Shreveport, LA reached 106 degrees fahrenheit.

If your cast/crew isn’t sweating to death in the blistering heat, does it even count as a Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie?

8. Production ran during the summer of 2011 and it was supposed to be released in October 2012, but the studio feared heavy competition from other horror and “award” films that they pushed the release to January of 2013.

9. Texas Chainsaw 3D was originally meant to launch a trilogy, but this was scrapped due to poor reception.  However, there was a prequel released in 2017, Leatherface, which does follow the continuity of this film.

10. The movie “won” Worst Film at the 2014 Fangoria Chainsaw Awards, “beating” out the likes of Evil Dead, Lords of Salem, The Last Exorcism Part II, Dracula 3D, and The Purge.  It’s honestly kind of an insulting category since at least 3 of those movies are pretty decent.

TCM 10
It’s hardly the best movie in the franchise, but it definitely isn’t as campy or silly as the 3rd or 4th installments.

Which of these did you already know?  Which ones surprised you?  Let us know in the comments!

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