Servant: “Seánce” Review

Things just keep getting weirder and more tense on Servant!  The latest episode introduces two new characters and takes things from eccentric and fun weird to downright disturbing pretty quickly…

Live In Nurses
Picking up where last week left off, the live-in nurses Dorothy hired Bev and Bobbie are just as hilariously strange and eccentric as you’d expect from this series.  They open with a weird rhythmic recital and immediately start trying to change everything in the house and offering unsolicited advice to Sean, Leanne, and Julian about how to improve their lives.

Servant 1
One of the “rules” of this series is that absolutely no one is normal…

Immediately, Leanne suspects them of being members of her former cult, and rightfully so.  Given their bold and brazen attacks on her, the Turners should be more understanding of her being suspicious of anyone new (much like she was with the mommy group last season).  And what’s great is the way this episode toys with our knowledge that everyone in this world is strange in some way, so it’s hard to tell if Bev and Bobbie are frauds or if they just fit in here.

Between them feng shui-ing the house, their massive collection of sex toys, and their immediate suggestion to do a seánce, they’re definitely the most peculiar nurses you’ve ever seen. And given Dorothy’s penchant for all things new age and alternative, it wouldn’t be surprising to found out that they’re not actually licensed nurses but rather some sort of alternative medicine “experts”.

Servant 2
Dorothy should definitely be seeing a physical therapist if she wants to walk again.

Dredging Up the Past
Things get especially tense when the titular seánce kicks off and the journey into the spiritual realm involves Bobbie channeling a screaming baby that no one is coming to help.  We can assume this is another instance of Dorothy almost having to confront what happened with Jericho.  At this point though, it feels like it should either all come back or the series should stop teasing the reveal, given it’s been going on 4 seasons now.

Leanne ruins the event by bringing out the ceremonial dagger and attempting to expose Bev and Bobbie.  It culminates in one of the most hilarious moments as Dorothy shouts at Leanne to go to room as if she’s their teenage daughter.  At this point, she’s basically they’re adopted daughter as any employee who acts the way she does would have been fired by now.

Servant 5
At this point, there’s no length Leanne won’t go in order to protect herself, even if she isn’t certain if that force is necessary.

It’s been fascinating to watch Leanne go from the unusual stranger to a protagonist that we sympathize with.  All the while, the series itself is expanding on its own mythos and getting more and more blatantly supernatural.

In an episode that’s already odd and bizarre, we also get a strange figure that appears to be made of black smoke appearing for just a few seconds.  Thus far, most of the otherworldly elements have been kept in the fringe, and this season seems to be running at full speed into supernatural horror.

What did you think of this episode of Servant?  What do you hope to see next week?  Let us know in the comments!

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