Mayfair Witches: “Curiouser and Curiouser” Review

As some mysteries are answered for Rowan, others become far more entangled.  On the latest episode of Mayfair Witches, she learns more about her family and ancestry than she ever knew before, but things also escalate in ways she never imagined…

Mayfair Family
As Rowan attends the funeral of her biological mother, Deirdre, she begins to meet many different members of the extended family, including her great aunt Carlotta (whom she technically met very briefly already) and great uncle Cortland.  As they lay Deirdre to rest, Rowan sees her own name on the family headstone and realizes why everyone has been looking at her so strangely.

MF 1
Poor Deirdre never had a chance…

Rightfully so, she’s upset with Carlotta for making everyone believe she was dead, but (despite the warnings from everyone) she goes over the Mayfair house afterwards because she wants more answers.  Here she learns a brief history of her family and the role that she is meant to play as “designee”, the same role that Deirdre held, despite Carlotta keeping her physically and mentally imprisoned.

It makes Carlotta’s actions over the years all the more infuriating and Deirdre’s fate all the more tragic.  She was the one who was supposed to own the house and lead the family, but barely even got a chance to live.  If anything, it’s a cautionary tale for Rowan about the dangers of letting other people dictate how she lives (something everyone is trying to do right now).

MF 2
The realization that she’s the designee adds a whole new layer to this journey of self discovery.

Meanwhile, Ciprien is called in by his boss (played by the always great character actor Dennis Bousikaris of Better Call Saul fame) to help with an investigation.  They’ve picked up an unhinged and distressed man, whom they think may have been involved with killing Deirdre.

Using his powers, Ciprien determines this man was indeed the assassin, but Lasher intervenes, killing the assassin before they can get more answers.  And much like how Jack Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald before he could “spill the beans” about why he killed JFK, Lasher definitely didn’t want more information coming out.  In fact, his overall shadiness actually makes Carlotta’s religious extremism seem somewhat justified (emphasis on “somewhat”).

Rowan’s Fate
Ultimately, all of these competing forces are competing for both Rowan’s attention and fate.  Given that she’s been away from the family her entire life, the knowledge that a new (not essentially imprisoned) designee could spell a lot of different things for the family and its future.

Carlotta’s clearly terrified of the magic and believes it to be evil, Lasher clearly wants to use Rowan in some way, Ciprien only wants what’s best for her, and Cortland seems to want the same, but he’s also too tied up in the drama and politics of the family to not have an agenda of his own.

All of this culminates in Carlotta going way too far, after she sees Rowan bearing the infamous necklace that goes to the designee.  She sets the house on fire and attempts to kill Rowan in a desperate attempt to stop the magic once and for all.  But as Ciprien tries to save her, he gets stabbed.  It’s a chilling and shocking cliffhanger to leave us on, but it definitely shows just how real the stakes are for Rowan and how her decision and her fate is tied to a much larger group of people.

MF 5
She’s clearly unstable, but it’s all motivated out of fear. And perhaps we’ll soon discover that she’s right to be afraid…

What did you think of this episode of Mayfair Witches?  What do you hope to see next week?  Let us know in the comments!

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