Servant: “Myth” Review

More revelations are made as the Turners solidify their position to try and uncover the secrets and confront Leanne once and for all on the latest episode of Servant!

Digging into the Past
Following Bev’s disturbing fate (which we’re told she survived), Julian is now sleeping next to someone that absolutely terrifies him.  And while he does the best he can to conceal his feelings, it’s pretty obvious to Leanne that something is going on.  He and Sean are reunited with Uncle George, who comes clean about a great many things.

Servant 4
He’s such a weird character that’s without a doubt the most fun to watch.

He claims that he’s left the Church of Lesser Saints, that there was never anything supernatural going on and that Leanne is just clever and manipulative, but they still need to return her to George.  Another scene later pretty much negates everything he said (other than him still wanting her back).  Although it does make sense that George might tell the Turners that Leanne isn’t some mystical or magical being because if they believe that, they’ll be more afraid and she’ll sense it.

Meanwhile, Dorothy continues to dig deeper into her old news segments and makes the disturbing discovery that Leanne visited her in the background every year on the anniversary of her mother’s death.  It solidifies that Leanne had always been obsessed with Dorothy, and that the series of events that brought the titular servant into her home had been years in the making.

If anything, these revelations only seek to make the earlier seasons all the more unsettling.  If you go back and rewatch those “awkward” encounters from when Leanne first arrived becomes much more creepy in retrospect, knowing that this was all a long term plan of hers.  And as much as the Church of Lesser Saints are a disturbing and creepy cult, the fact that fear her so much tells you all you really need to know.

Servant 1
We’re finally going full biblical!

The Coming Conflict
One by one, we’ve watched the Turners turn (no pun intended) on Leanne.  First was Dorothy, followed by Sean, and now finally her boyfriend Julian.  It is likely that the very last member of the family will be Jericho himself.  If Leanne ever does something or ever reaches a point that Jericho is afraid of her, that’ll be enough to turn into a full blown supervillain (as if she’s not already on that path now).

The series is clearly building up towards a major conflict, although it’s probably important that we the audience remember two major considerations.  Firstly, this series has always thrived on its awkward and uncomfortable humor, with some critics even arguing that it’s a comedy that thinks it’s a thriller, which we’ve kind of lost this season.  And secondly, while the series is merely produced by M. Night Shyamalan, it still very much has his tone and vibe.

Servant 3
These characters have always been very dialogue heavy, rather than action heavy, so the climax will certainly be a more philosophical dramatic one than a typical fight or battle.

And if we look back at Glass, we can see how a buildup to a satisfying climax didn’t exactly work out, because he’s not the best at doing action or conflict, instead he thrives at the suspense building up to it.  Hopefully Servant is able to deliver on whatever it is that it’s planning to do with the next few episodes.

We knew going in that this was the final season of the series, and it’s definitely going further than ever before, knowing that they’re going to have to wrap it all up.  But that’s the problem with a series whose main goal is to weave mysteries and create tension, you have to eventually pay it off.  And hopefully Servant is up to the task!

What did you think of the latest episode of Servant?  What do you think will happen next week?  Let us know in the comments!

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