Servant: “Tunnels” Review

Sean and Julian make a bold choice concerning Leanne, all while a massive storm takes the tension and chaos of the Turner house, and expands it to the entire city.  All this and more on the next to next to last episode of Servant!

(Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been Warned)

Apocalyptic Storm
The power is out in the Turner household, as torrential rain downpours on the entire city of Philadelphia.  Leanne insists that this is all because of her, but that the Church of Lesser Saints (and their God) aren’t strong enough to beat her.  Seeing her lean outside a window in the pouring rain laughing maniacally has fully completed her transition to super villain.

We get a brief, but interesting scene between Dorothy and Leanne, where Dorothy is the most honest and down the Earth we’ve seen her for the entire series.  Gone are any pretenses of respect or illusions of politeness.  Leanne laments that everyone thinks she’s a monster and Dorothy (now with the knowledge that Leanne’s been stalking her for years) simply asks why her.

Servant 2
Dorothy has really grown a lot just in this season. After her fall, she kind of came back down to

Despite everything that’s happened, both absurd, hilarious, awkward, and even supernatural, this whole series was set into motion because Leanne went to work for Dorothy, already knowing who she was and admiring her more than anyone.  And even after all they’ve gone through, it’s fascinating to see them at this point, the most honest they’ve ever been with each other.

Worst Plan Ever
Following their encounter with Uncle George last episode, Sean and Julian make good on the plan and physically restrain Leanne, dragging her down to the basement where George and the worst plan ever concocted was waiting.

Servant 3
We said goodbye to the most entertaining character on this show.

He tells Leanne that only she has the power to kill herself to “save” the world.  And of course, she uses the knife and him and his followers instead, and then proceeds to attack both Sean and Julian, not quite killing them, but making it clear that this is her house now.

Servant 4
She even tells Sean that she’ll never “let” him in the house again.

Once again, this series has to be aware of the incredibly awkward and sometimes dark sense of humor that it seems to relish in.  Even in his final moments, George takes himself so seriously, even insisting that he will weep forever, that this can’t not be satirical.

And when his “master plan” to defeat Leanne and save the world is to just have her kill herself, it’s either intentionally or unintentionally hilarious when he really thought that would work.  Either way, it’s a hilariously dumb moment, and the only real difference regarding whether it was intentional or not, is whether or not the series is in on the joke or not.

Beginning of the End
We only have two more episodes of the series after this, so things obviously have gone way further than ever before at this point.  Leanne has pretty much taken over the house and has severely injured both Sean and Julian, either of which could easily die in the next episode.  She’s taken full control of the house, and Dorothy will likely stay out of fear for what might happen to Jericho.

Our previous reviews of Servant had purported a theory that Servant was secretly set in the same universe as Unbreakable/Split/Glass, but with all this apocalyptic talk and Leanne’s continued existence seeming to invite natural disasters, it’s actually starting to have more in common with Shyamalan’s most recent film, Knock at the Cabin.

Even in that movie, the zealots couldn’t kill the family members, rather it had to be a willing sacrifice, much like how George insisted that Leanne was the only one who could end her own life, and that if she refused, it would bring about destruction not just on the Turner family but the world itself.

At this point, the only one powerful enough to stop Leanne is herself.  And not admiration of Dorothy, respect for Sean, or a romantic relationship with Julian was enough to get her to stop.  Honestly, the only thing that ever potentially could is Jericho, since that’s the only person in the family she seems (emphasis on “seems”) to have unconditional love for.

As the series gears up for its final two episodes, emotions are certain to run high, and Leanne will most likely die. The only thing uncertain is whether she will die willingly to save the world as a hero, or be forcibly stopped as a villain by others who had the courage to do so.  We’ll know in two weeks’ time!

What did you think of the latest episode of Servant?  What do you think will happen next week?  Let us know in the comments!

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