Warner Bros. Announces Reboot of “Clockwork Orange” Starring Evan Peters

In a truly unexpected and seemingly bizarre move, Warner Brothers is digging up one of its most controversial releases and giving it the old Hollywood reboot treatment.  Released in 1971, Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of Anthony Burgess’ novel was already quite controversial, even for its day.

So it seems fitting that if anyone is going to star in this project it would be Evan Peters, who at this point has pretty much played exclusively despicable characters in performances that garner critical acclaim, but occasional backlash (particularly his take of Jeffrey Dahmer).  While the new movie isn’t technically a “remake”, it’s just another adaptation of the book.

Except none of this is actually happening, and you’re remembering that today is April 1st (or if you’re reading this later, the date of publication is April 1st).

Happy April Fool’s Day!  We’d love for you to be in on the joke, so be sure to share this and see how many people you can fool today!

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