Who Killed Who in “Scream VI”

(Major Spoilers for Scream 6 – You’ve Been Warned)

With the exception of Scream 3, every single movie in the franchise has featured more than one killer.  Usually killing in pairs, this dynamic makes a fun game out of trying to guess who specifically was behind the Ghostface mask in each scene.  However, Scream 6 presents a fun and unique challenge to this game.

Whenever one of the killers is featured in a scene with Ghostface, we always know that obviously the one in the costume is the other person.  But with Scream 6’s trio of killers, it makes things more interesting.
Scream 0
We know that Detective Bailey, Ethan, and Quinn (all of whom are actually surnamed Kirsch like Richie) all had a hand in the numerous killings in this movie.  But we thought it would be fun to give Scream 6 a closer analysis and definitively determine just who was behind the iconic mask each time.

1. Calling and Killing Film Professor Laura Crane – Jason Carvey
Scream 1
So technically this means there are actually four Ghostface killers in this movie, given that the opening kill is done by someone who isn’t even officially Team Ghostface.  This one is also pretty obvious since Jason removes his mask and ditches the costume afterwards, just to run into Tara on his way back home.  It was a really interesting subversion of the opening kill trope, but as Jason soon found out, being a copycat Ghostface is bad for your health.

2. Killing Jason and Greg in their Apartment – Detective Bailey
Scream 2
We know that Bailey was likely first on the scene as he later admits he uses it to his advantage.  Plus, while this killing is happening, Quinn is back at the apartment with an amorous male visitor and Ethan is at the frat party (dressed as a beautiful reference to the very underrated Monster Party).  However, it was definitely Quinn who swiped Sam’s Driver’s License so that her father could leave it at the crime scene.

3. Convenience Store Attack – Detective Bailey
Scream 3
This one was admitted by Radio Silence as being Bailey.  The whole scene has a certain level of brutality to it, so it’s clear the killer really knows what they’re doing.  Bailey’s probably responded to hundreds of armed robberies in his career.

It also makes sense when we consider the fact that Sam and Tara had just come downstairs from their apartment where Quinn and Ethan were both present, along with Mindy and Chad.  So it would have been difficult for either sibling to slip out undetected.  And if either of them had left, it would have looked very suspicious to Mindy and Chad.

4. Killing Dr. Stone – Detective Bailey

Scream VI
This is honestly anyone’s guess since it’s a completely isolated scene that doesn’t involve any of the main cast.  Dr. Stone is just chilling at home when Ghostface brutally kills him just to get into Sam’s file.  However, we’re going to put our best guess forward that this was Bailey.  Just the way in which he kills Dr. Stone required an immense amount of strength, something Bailey appears to have more of than either of his surviving children.

This was also a much more objective based kill in that it was just to get to the file and Bailey being the mastermind likely would’ve wanted to do this himself.  And there’s also his tendency to like being at the crime scene first.  Plus we do see Ethan and Quinn both at the park with the rest of the main cast in the next scene.  However, it’s not 100% clear if this scene is immediately after Dr. Stone’s death or some time later.

5. Apartment Attack – Ethan
Scream 5
Between Quinn’s fake death, the ladder across the buildings, and Anika’s fall to her death, this is arguably one of the most iconic scenes in the movie, however this one is the subject of some debate.  Much like the convenience store killings, Radio Silence admitted that this was done by Ethan.  And besides the final reveal, he really doesn’t get any solo kills.

Granted, he does have some help from Quinn of course.  She played the role of the victim as she used prosthetics and fake blood to make everyone think Ghostface had killed her, thus leaving her brother to do the rest.  However, the next morning, Ethan tells Chad that he was “in a study hall with 100 other people”.  Either he’s just lying about his alibi, hoping that Chad won’t check it (a risky move).  Or maybe he just showed up at the beginning and snuck out, but made contact with enough people that they would testify he was there.

6. Attacking Gale – Quinn
Scream 6
Following a botched attempt to draw Ghostface out in a park surveillance stunt, Sam and Tara race to Gale, learning that she is the true target.  With Quinn now being “dead”, it frees her up a lot to don the costume and be Ghostface so that her father and brother can have alibis, which they do.  They’re both still back at the park when this event goes down blocks away.  Plus, Quinn even admits how fun it was to stab Gale at the end of the movie.  So it’s pretty cut and dry.

7. Subway Attack – Quinn
Scream 7
Much like the attack on Gale, Quinn admits to stabbing Mindy.  Plus we know that Ethan is right there out of costume, and Bailey was waiting for them all at the police station.  Although it’s not clear why Ethan helps her as he likely could have finished her off quietly while pretending to call for help.

8. Stabbing Chad – Ethan and Quinn
Scream 8
This one is also pretty clear as we see two Ghostfaces stabbing Chad over and over, and we know that Bailey is just in the other room not in costume.

9. Killing Bailey – Sam
Scream 9
One of the most satisfying endings to a Scream movie gives us our final girl donning the costume and going full Billy Loomis on the main killer.  Like father, like daughter!

Do you think we got all of these right?  What were your favorite kills from Scream 6?  Let us know in the comment!

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