“Darkness Falls” 20 Years Later: The Killer Tooth Fairy Movie You Forgot Existed

If there’s one thing the horror genre is known for, it’s taking every single holiday, fairy tale, or beloved children’s icon and making it demented and terrifying.  We’ve had killer Santas, so in 2003 filmmakers tried to do the same with the tooth fairy and the result was Darkness Falls. Critics and audiences didn’t warm up to it at the time, and in the years … Continue reading “Darkness Falls” 20 Years Later: The Killer Tooth Fairy Movie You Forgot Existed

Top 5 Creepy “Web Footage” Movies

As society and technology evolves, so too does the art of filmmaking.  The 2010s saw a massive trend of “found footage” horror movies after being popularized by Blair Witch Project in 1999 and again by Paranormal Activity in 2009.  But as technology grew and things like Skype, Zoom, and FaceTime became more popular, the genre evolved again into what I like to call “Web Footage”. … Continue reading Top 5 Creepy “Web Footage” Movies

Mayfair Witches: “Second Line” Review

Following a devastating cliffhanger for Rowan, this episode takes her deeper into the rabbit hole that is her family and the whole new world she’s discovering.  It gives the audience a chance to learn alongside Rowan, and shows us some disturbing glimpses into the universe she’s being thrust into… One Loss After Another After another 17th century flashback whose context isn’t quite known yet, “Second … Continue reading Mayfair Witches: “Second Line” Review

“The Following” 10 Years Later – A Violent Series Audiences Weren’t Ready For

Police procedurals are nothing new when it comes to television, going all the way back to the 1960’s and even before.  So with series like Law and Order, CSI, NCIS (and all of their collective spinoffs), and Criminal Minds, audiences were certainly familiar with crime thrillers about serial killers and the teams that try to apprehend them. However, when The Following premiered in January of … Continue reading “The Following” 10 Years Later – A Violent Series Audiences Weren’t Ready For

“Sorry About the Demon” – A Hilarious Take on Demonic Possession [Review]

Finding out that your dream house is infested with a demon trying to possess your family is certainly a downer of sorts.  But trying to manipulate someone into becoming an unwilling sacrifice so you can enjoy your own life is something else entirely.  Shudder’s latest original film Sorry About the Demon tackles this very subject, and does so with a great deal of wit and … Continue reading “Sorry About the Demon” – A Hilarious Take on Demonic Possession [Review]

Servant: “Itch” Review

Dorothy is back home, tensions are high, and the figurative infestation turns literal.  All this and more happened on this week’s episode of Servant… Shared Misery After her terrible fall and months of rehab, Dorothy is finally back home, albeit completely bedridden.  And with Sean having an interview with GQ, it’s left to Leanne to care for Dorothy.  Given how the accident happened in the … Continue reading Servant: “Itch” Review

“Skinamarink”: An Experimental Assault on the Senses [Review]

Critics will often describe a film as an “experience”.  And while that descriptor can very easily be overused, Skinamarink is perhaps the only movie upon which that term fits aptly. The latest Shudder original (released in theaters now and due out on the platform later this year) is truly unlike anything you’ve seen before.  That said, it will inevitably be polarizing and you definitely have … Continue reading “Skinamarink”: An Experimental Assault on the Senses [Review]

Servant: “Pigeon” Review

Following a shocking cliffhanger ending (no pun intended), Servant returned this week with its Season 4 premiere.  For a series that was always an incredible slow burn, this episode jumps right in and goes further into horror/thriller than we’ve ever seen before! Philadelphia in Fall Picking up a few months after Dorothy’s bone-breaking fall, things at the Turner house seem great for Leanne.  She’s chipper … Continue reading Servant: “Pigeon” Review

Mayfair Witches: “The Witching Hour” Review

Known primarily for her work in vampire lore and fiction, the late Anne Rice also delved into witchcraft via her Lives of the Mayfair Witches novel trilogy from the early 1990’s.  Her work had been the subject of film adaptations in the past with varying degrees of success and author frustration. And now, following the success of last year’s Interview with a Vampire Series, AMC+ … Continue reading Mayfair Witches: “The Witching Hour” Review

30 Fun Facts About “Leprechaun”

The early 90s was certainly a strange time for slashers.  The titan franchises like Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street had delved far into diminishing returns with their umpteenth sequels, and Scream would not breathe fresh life into the subgenre until 1996. The subsequent years gave birth to the only horror franchise associated with St. Patrick’s Day in March (despite being released in … Continue reading 30 Fun Facts About “Leprechaun”