“The Found Footage Phenomenon” – Movie Review

One of the often-overlooked collections on Shudder is its “Diabolical Documentaries” lineup, which includes a myriad of great non-fiction deep dives into the genre that we all love.  Among them are Shudder originals like the critically acclaimed Cursed Films and Horror Noire. Shudder’s latest original film The Found Footage Phenomenon is a worthy addition to this collection.  Tracing the origin of the subgenre itself and … Continue reading “The Found Footage Phenomenon” – Movie Review

“Firestarter” (2022) – Movie Review

The last few years has seen something of a renaissance in Stephen King adaptations, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the 1980’s (or the wave of TV movies in the 90’s).  The last 5 years alone, we’ve been treated to newer adaptations of It, The Stand, and Pet Semetary, along with first time adaptations of Mr. Mercedes, Doctor Sleep, and a King-inspired Hulu … Continue reading “Firestarter” (2022) – Movie Review

“The Sadness” – Movie Review

For reasons that should be obvious to all, it’s been one hell of a time these last two years since March 2020.  Filled with high highs and incredibly low lows, the world will never truly be the same again.  In many ways, Shudder’s latest original film from Taiwan, The Sadness is the perfect anthem for the last two year.  It’s one part “zombie” movie, one … Continue reading “The Sadness” – Movie Review

“Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” – Spoiler Free Review

Following multiversal incidents in Spider-Man: No Way Home, What If?, and Loki, as well as horror fans being promised the first “official” MCU horror film; Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness remained one of the most anticipated Marvel Studios films since Avengers: Endgame. And that anticipation only grew with the inclusion of Scarlet Witch (fresh off WandaVision) and Sam Raimi back in the director’s … Continue reading “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” – Spoiler Free Review

“The Northman” – Movie Review

If there’s one thing that writer/director Robert Eggers is known for, it’s his ability to tell an incredibly disturbing story with an amazing attention to detail for historical accuracy and realism.  The Witch and The Lighthouse were both hailed by critics as “elevated horror”, but that term does them a disservice as they’re both so much more than that. Following the success of both of … Continue reading “The Northman” – Movie Review

“Virus-32” – Movie Review

How can a person go from someone you love and care about to a vicious, ravenous beast ready to devour you in a mere 32 seconds?  Shudder’s latest original “infected” movie deals with just that, in a manner that horror fans will find similar to 28 Days Later.  While not as groundbreaking or iconic as that classic, Virus-32 has a lot to offer in its … Continue reading “Virus-32” – Movie Review

“See For Me” – Movie Review

We rely on our five senses to inform us about the world around us.  And while not everyone has all five, those that don’t can often find ways to use their other ones to greater advantage.  Shudder’s latest exclusive home invasion thriller See For Me taps into that idea.  Featuring an admittedly tried and true setup, it has enough creativity and twists to put a … Continue reading “See For Me” – Movie Review

“Morbius” – A Remarkably Unremarkable Sony/Marvel Horror Movie [Review]

Following an unprecedented 7 release date delays, the world is finally getting to see Sony/Marvel’s Morbius with Jared Leto.  And after 2 years of time to build anticipation, it’s unfortunate that the movie we got is merely just okay. Not great, but not outright terrible either.  Morbius feels like the absolute epitome of “meh”.  The only thing remarkable about it is in how truly unremarkable … Continue reading “Morbius” – A Remarkably Unremarkable Sony/Marvel Horror Movie [Review]

“Night’s End” – Movie Review

Isolation and horror have gone hand in hand for decades.  Films like The Shining, Misery, The Thing, Alien, and countless others have utilized the characters’ isolation from the outside world as a way for the horror to spread.  Shudder’s latest original film, Night’s End follows in the footsteps as far as thematic elements go.  However its execution is far different (not in a good way) … Continue reading “Night’s End” – Movie Review

“The Spine of Night” – A Deep and Visually Fascinating Piece of Dark Fantasy/Horror

Knowledge is a powerful tool and those who wield can either do so with good or ill intent.  Promote it and a society can elevate, hoard and gate-keep it and a single person can grow too powerful.  It is this very idea that Shudder’s latest exclusive film, The Spine of Night seeks to explore. Far from your typical animated film, The Spine of Night is … Continue reading “The Spine of Night” – A Deep and Visually Fascinating Piece of Dark Fantasy/Horror