Firestarter 1984 vs. 2022

Long before the massive superhero boom that has dominated the past 20 years, Stephen King wrote his own twisted version of a superhero (or perhaps villain) origin story with his 1980 novel “Firestarter”.  Sort of a Stephen King version of the Dark Phoenix saga from “X-Men”, it’s now been adapted twice with two very different interpretations of the source material. To be clear, the 2022 … Continue reading Firestarter 1984 vs. 2022

“Firestarter” (2022) – Movie Review

The last few years has seen something of a renaissance in Stephen King adaptations, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the 1980’s (or the wave of TV movies in the 90’s).  The last 5 years alone, we’ve been treated to newer adaptations of It, The Stand, and Pet Semetary, along with first time adaptations of Mr. Mercedes, Doctor Sleep, and a King-inspired Hulu … Continue reading “Firestarter” (2022) – Movie Review

“The Sadness” – Movie Review

For reasons that should be obvious to all, it’s been one hell of a time these last two years since March 2020.  Filled with high highs and incredibly low lows, the world will never truly be the same again.  In many ways, Shudder’s latest original film from Taiwan, The Sadness is the perfect anthem for the last two year.  It’s one part “zombie” movie, one … Continue reading “The Sadness” – Movie Review

15 Fun Facts About “28 Weeks Later”

The 2000s brought with it not just the dawn of a new century and millennium.  It also breathed new life into the zombie genre, and with the help of 2002’s 28 Days Later, it reinvigorated the “infected” subgenre, which arguably began with George A. Romero’s The Crazies.  While 28 Days Later took the world by storm, its sequel 28 Weeks Later didn’t get quite the … Continue reading 15 Fun Facts About “28 Weeks Later”

Netflix’s “Resident Evil” Series Premiering July 14, 2022

Following a reboot this past Fall, the Resident Evil franchise is moving to the small screen, as was announced by Netflix some time ago.  However, they’re hotly anticipated live action series has just been given a release date.  Earlier today, from their official account, Netflix tweeted, “Evil has evolved.  The new live action Resident Evil series premieres July 14”. Old Blood, New Life As previously … Continue reading Netflix’s “Resident Evil” Series Premiering July 14, 2022

“The Seed” – Movie Review

If there’s anything we’ve learned from sci-fi movies, it’s to never mess with anything that falls out of the sky.  Shudder’s latest original movie, The Seed, takes a more comedic and intentionally campy approach to this subject matter.  And the result is very much a mixed bag… Weekend Getaway We begin with three friends, Charlotte, Deidre, and Heather as they stay in a secluded house … Continue reading “The Seed” – Movie Review

Stranger Things Season 4 Set to Premiere as Two Volumes – May 27/July 1, 2022!

At long last and with apparently only three months to go, Netflix has dropped an upside down bomb on us with three huge reveals! Two Volumes Coming nearly 3 years after the premiere of Season 3, Stranger Things Season 4 will premiere in two volumes: on May 27 and July 1, 2022!  In a Twitter post, Netflix not only revealed the dual release dates, but … Continue reading Stranger Things Season 4 Set to Premiere as Two Volumes – May 27/July 1, 2022!

Ranking Every “Resident Evil” Movie (Including “Welcome to Raccoon City”)

Video game adaptations don’t exactly have a reputation for being well received, by either critics or fans.  That said, the Resident Evil franchise has certainly loomed in popularity, spawning a movie franchise that started out somewhat like the game, but branching off into its own mythos.  So with the series getting a much more game-accurate reboot, we thought it would be fun to look back … Continue reading Ranking Every “Resident Evil” Movie (Including “Welcome to Raccoon City”)

“Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City” Review

Debuting in 2002, the original Resident Evil movie feels very much like a product of its time.  It (along with its sequels) oozed with over the top stylized horror action that took itself very seriously and was convinced that it was incredibly cool while doing it.  Like The Matrix, but with zombies, the series dragged on long past its welcome, finally ending with Resident Evil: … Continue reading “Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City” Review

Netflix Drops Teaser for Stranger Things Season 4 in Honor of “Stranger Things Day”

On this day 38 years ago, Will Byers first went missing in the strange little town of Hawkins, Indiana.  Aptly dubbed, “Stranger Things Day”, Netflix has taken the opportunity to grace fans with a series of announcements today regarding the upcoming Season 4. Release Date While we don’t have a specific date, Netflix went so far as to announce that Season 4 will drop “Summer … Continue reading Netflix Drops Teaser for Stranger Things Season 4 in Honor of “Stranger Things Day”