Servant: “Boo” Review

This week on Servant, it’s Halloween in Philadelphia and while Julian deals with pranksters, Dorothy yearns to be outside, and Sean spends quality time with Jericho, Leanne is going down a dark rabbit hole that’s both disturbing and (maybe) unintentionally hilarious.  Plus if you’re a horror fan (which if you’re on this site, we assume you are), you’ll dig this episode’s entire aesthetic. Devil’s Night … Continue reading Servant: “Boo” Review

“Knock at the Cabin” – A Tense and Emotional Shyamalan Thriller [Review]

After having a career and incredibly high highs and depressingly low lows, M. Night Shyamalan seems to be moving full speed ahead.  Following his “comeback” with The Visit and Split, he’s been busy, cranking out a new suspense/thriller film every 2 years: Split in 2017, Glass in 2019, Old in 2021, and now he’s kicking off 2023 with another adaptation, Knock at the Cabin. Featuring … Continue reading “Knock at the Cabin” – A Tense and Emotional Shyamalan Thriller [Review]

Servant: “Seánce” Review

Things just keep getting weirder and more tense on Servant!  The latest episode introduces two new characters and takes things from eccentric and fun weird to downright disturbing pretty quickly… Live In Nurses Picking up where last week left off, the live-in nurses Dorothy hired Bev and Bobbie are just as hilariously strange and eccentric as you’d expect from this series.  They open with a … Continue reading Servant: “Seánce” Review

“The Following” 10 Years Later – A Violent Series Audiences Weren’t Ready For

Police procedurals are nothing new when it comes to television, going all the way back to the 1960’s and even before.  So with series like Law and Order, CSI, NCIS (and all of their collective spinoffs), and Criminal Minds, audiences were certainly familiar with crime thrillers about serial killers and the teams that try to apprehend them. However, when The Following premiered in January of … Continue reading “The Following” 10 Years Later – A Violent Series Audiences Weren’t Ready For

Servant: “Itch” Review

Dorothy is back home, tensions are high, and the figurative infestation turns literal.  All this and more happened on this week’s episode of Servant… Shared Misery After her terrible fall and months of rehab, Dorothy is finally back home, albeit completely bedridden.  And with Sean having an interview with GQ, it’s left to Leanne to care for Dorothy.  Given how the accident happened in the … Continue reading Servant: “Itch” Review

Servant: “Pigeon” Review

Following a shocking cliffhanger ending (no pun intended), Servant returned this week with its Season 4 premiere.  For a series that was always an incredible slow burn, this episode jumps right in and goes further into horror/thriller than we’ve ever seen before! Philadelphia in Fall Picking up a few months after Dorothy’s bone-breaking fall, things at the Turner house seem great for Leanne.  She’s chipper … Continue reading Servant: “Pigeon” Review

“Burial” – Movie Review

The “mystery” surrounding Hitler’s fate at the end of WWII has long been the fodder of conspiracy theorists going back decades.  The official historical record states that he committed suicide in his bunker as Soviet forces were capturing the city.  However, given that his body was never found, many alleged that Hitler actually survived and escaped. This decades-long debate is the subject of Shudder’s latest … Continue reading “Burial” – Movie Review

“The Apology” – A Traumatic and Tense Christmas Thriller [Review]

Christmas is a time for family, but it can also be a time for intense stress.  No movie combines family drama and intense trauma quite like Shudder’s latest exclusive film The Apology.  Starring Anna Gunn (Breaking Bad), Linus Roache (Batman Begins, Mandy), and Janeane Garofalo (Mystery Men), The Apology is definitely more of a drama/thriller than straight up horror film.  But it’s masterfully written, acted, … Continue reading “The Apology” – A Traumatic and Tense Christmas Thriller [Review]

“Glass Onion” – Hilariously Thrilling and Oddly Relevant (Spoiler Free Review)

After dazzling audiences with 2019’s Knives Out, Rian Johnson is back again with another murder mystery starring his Foghorn Leghorn-sounding detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig).  But of course it wouldn’t be Rian Johnson if he didn’t try to completely subvert expectations.  As a result Glass Onion is an entirely different setting, style, and type of mystery than its predecessor.  But the results are equally thrilling … Continue reading “Glass Onion” – Hilariously Thrilling and Oddly Relevant (Spoiler Free Review)

Dario Argento Returns From a 10 Year Hiatus with “Dark Glasses” (Review)

When it comes to giallo, there is no director more synonymous with the subgenre Dario Argento.  With such classics as Suspiria, Deep Red, Tenebrae, Phenomena, and Inferno to his name, it’s hard to believe that the latter part of his career was filled with critical and audience flops like Dracula 3D, Giallo, and Mother of Tears. After a decade-long hiatus, Argento returned to the director’s … Continue reading Dario Argento Returns From a 10 Year Hiatus with “Dark Glasses” (Review)