Top 10 Shudder Originals of 2020

As 2020 comes to its much anticipated end, it’s a time for self-reflection and nostalgia. Looking back on this most tumultuous of years, Shudder was always there for us horror fans. Between watch-alongs, interacting with fans over social media, and a constant slew on new original content each month.  So we thought it would fun to look back and highlight the best and most entertaining … Continue reading Top 10 Shudder Originals of 2020

Recommendations From Shudder’s Hotline: Week 4

4 weeks, 4 phone calls, 1 awesome hotline. Shudder has certainly helped keep their subscribers busy throughout the month of April with their Halfway to Halloween festivities, which included the return of their iconic Shudder Hotline. No other streaming platform offers such a unique service, in the form of a personal curator to recommend movies. For the past 4 weeks I’ve called their number and … Continue reading Recommendations From Shudder’s Hotline: Week 4

“0.0 MHz” – Movie Review

The latest Shudder original, 0.0 MHz is a fascinating gem of Korean horror cinema. While on the surface it’s nothing more than a typical supernatural thriller, it ends up being an interesting amalgamation of many different horror tropes and subgenres. Some work, some don’t. To find out which is which, let’s take a closer listen to 0.0 MHz. Evil Dead Meets Asian Horror We follow … Continue reading “0.0 MHz” – Movie Review