45 Strange Facts About “Eraserhead”

To describe David Lynch’s films as experimental would be an understatement.  Known for his surrealist arthouse approach, just about all of his films are the subject of immense film analysis.  His very first feature film Eraserhead is arguably the most surreal and the most heavily speculated. For those that have seen it, it’s a bizarre 90 minute “narrative” that leaves you both confused, but also … Continue reading 45 Strange Facts About “Eraserhead”

45 Fun Facts About “Jaws”

There’s no denying that Jaws is one of the most iconic movies ever made. Its effects on the history of cinema are still felt today. And while some don’t consider it a horror movie, it follows many of the same tropes of a monster movie, and even has many plot similarities to Creature from the Black Lagoon. So in honor of this classic’s 45th anniversary … Continue reading 45 Fun Facts About “Jaws”

45 Merry Facts About “Black Christmas”

Argued by many to be the first true slasher, agreed by all to be a horror and Christmas classic, Black Christmas has certainly made its mark in the cinematic landscape.  It may have been remade twice, but there’s no topping the iconic original (we even an official showdown here). So as we celebrate this horror classic turning 45 years old, let’s bask in the yuletide … Continue reading 45 Merry Facts About “Black Christmas”