“Pearl” – Equal Parts Heartfelt and Brutal (Spoiler Free Review)

We were first introduced to Pearl earlier this year as the elderly woman full of regret who took her rage out on young people she resented for living the life she always wanted.  Ti West’s unexpected prequel gives us a fascinating, poignant, and at times humorous look into what made her the iconic horror villain she is. Lizzie Borden as a Disney Princess Opening in … Continue reading “Pearl” – Equal Parts Heartfelt and Brutal (Spoiler Free Review)

“The Lighthouse” – Movie Review

What happens when you leave two sailors stranded on lighthouse duty for months, all while bad weather and isolation sets in?  The answer is madness! Following up the horror masterpiece that was The VVitch, Robert Eggers returned with another tale of insurmountable tension.  Not only does it live up to the critical  hype in terms of story and theme, but as a technical piece of … Continue reading “The Lighthouse” – Movie Review

“Midsommar” – Movie Review (Spoiler Free)

2019, R, Written and Directed by Ari Aster, A24, 140 minutes After making waves and disturbing audiences with Hereditary last year, writer/director Ari Aster followed it up with what he describes as “Wizard of Oz for perverts”.  However, after watching Midsommar, a better description might be “a spiritual remake of The Wicker Man”, and far better than that abysmal Nicholas Cage remake at that!  So … Continue reading “Midsommar” – Movie Review (Spoiler Free)