Ranking Every “Tremors” Movie

Spanning 30 years, 7 movies, 3 centuries of setting, and 1 badass hero throughout, the Tremors franchise is one unlike any other.  Part Western/Action, part B-Movie Monster Horror, it’s a series that’s never taken itself too seriously and always managed to be fun. So with the release of Shrieker Island, which seems to be something of a finale for the franchise, we thought it would … Continue reading Ranking Every “Tremors” Movie

“VFW” – Movie Review

We’ve seen generational gaps over the centuries, but nothing quite like this.  Joe Begos’ latest horror/action/thriller pits a group of older (and one younger) veterans against a horde of drug-induced mutant punks.  It’s gory, over the top, boasts a great 80’s inspired synth soundtrack, and is awesome in every way! Birthday From Hell The film begins with Fred (Stephen Lang) meeting up at his local … Continue reading “VFW” – Movie Review