“The Belko Experiment” vs. “Mayhem”

As quarantine restrictions begin to lift, and many are physically returning to their places of work, all of the frustrations and stresses associated with it are returning as well. Anyone who’s ever worked as stressful office job can relate to the desire to just lose control and fight to the death…well perhaps not in that extreme way. But either way, movies like The Belko Experiment … Continue reading “The Belko Experiment” vs. “Mayhem”

“The Hunt” – Movie Review

It was the film that people didn’t want you to see, or at least that’s how it was advertised for its postponed release date. Perhaps the best way to describe The Hunt would be spectacularly brutal and incredibly bizarre, but in a fun way. Was this action/horror bloodbath worth the wait, or was this whole controversy just overblown?! Let’s take a deeper look at The … Continue reading “The Hunt” – Movie Review

Castle Rock: “Caveat Emptor” Review (Spoilers)

Eight episodes of buildup, and the penultimate episode of the season didn’t disappoint with its delivery!  In what is definitely the most action-packed episode of the series thus far, it also surprisingly bridged the gap between seasons 1 and 2, whose sole connections before were left very much up for interpretation.  So let’s take an explosive (no pun intended) look at “Caveat Emptor”! Spoilers Ahead … Continue reading Castle Rock: “Caveat Emptor” Review (Spoilers)