20 Fun Facts About “Final Destination 2”

If you’ve even driven on a highway behind a large truck carrying logs or some other load like it, you probably immediately merged into another lane.  And you probably did so because of one iconic scene in Final Destination 2. One scene alone managed to traumatize an entire generation, and remains one of the highlights in horror movie history.  So in honor of its 20th … Continue reading 20 Fun Facts About “Final Destination 2”

Creepshow: “Dead & Breakfast/Pesticide” Review

Shudder’s Creepshow followed its second season premiere last week with another pair of awesomely campy and practically gory horror stories.  This week’s episode features one hell of a cast of heavy hitters, who are well known in the horror world.  What’s even more fun than seeing these familiar faces is seeing what Creepshow puts them through… Fear of the dark is one of the most … Continue reading Creepshow: “Dead & Breakfast/Pesticide” Review

20 Fun Facts About “Final Destination”

There have been a great many iconic horror movie villains, but none are as pervasive, or inevitable as death itself.  And that was the very real fear that Final Destination first tapped into, upon its release 20 years ago. So, as the world self-quarantines and lives in fear of a virus, let’s all be afraid of elaborate, over the top ways to die, and celebrate … Continue reading 20 Fun Facts About “Final Destination”