“Dark Skies” 10 Years Later – Why It Failed to Abduct Audience Attention

Alien abduction films occupy a strange gray area in between horror, thriller, and sci-fi.  Thus, they’ve always seemed underrepresented in the large horror zeitgeist. One such example was 2013’s Dark Skies.  Produced by Blumhouse (as well as the Weinstein Company unfortunately), Dark Skies had all the makings of a horror classic, but never really got the attention or recognition it deserved. It’s not without its … Continue reading “Dark Skies” 10 Years Later – Why It Failed to Abduct Audience Attention

American Horror Story: “Blue Moon” Review

It’s hard to believe that this was already the penultimate episode of AHS season 10.  With the dual themes this year, the stories felt like they’ve moved faster than ever, with Death Valley only getting 5 episodes to Crimson Tide’s 6. This storyline has largely been a mixed bag so far, with its concurrent timelines.  The black and white segments taking place in the 1950s/60s … Continue reading American Horror Story: “Blue Moon” Review

American Horror Story: “Inside” Review

After an incredibly frustrating premiere episode, the “Death Valley” segment of AHS: Double Feature gets a little better in the second episode.  Its concurrent storylines are actually starting to converge in such a way that we can see the pieces coming together. 3 Presidents Walk into a Room Opening in 1963, we see a retired President Eisenhower speaking with his former VP (and future president) … Continue reading American Horror Story: “Inside” Review

“Fried Barry” – Movie Review

Back in 2017, writer/director Ryan Kruger released an incredibly bizarre and trippy short film titled Fried Barry.  One part cautionary tale of the dangers of heroin, one part surreal fever dream, this 3 minute film was incredibly captivating and garnered so much attention that for Shudder’s latest original film, Kruger wrote and directed a feature length version with an extra-terrestrial twist! (Spoiler Free) Minimalist Plot … Continue reading “Fried Barry” – Movie Review