“Mars Attacks!” – A Hilarious Alien Satire that was Mistaken for Parody

Welcome back dear readers. For our final tale for Alien Abduction April, I’m going to talk about one of my favorite sci-fi horror comedies of all time. A film that is filled with so much pulp fun that you will be grinning from ear to ear. A movie that truly understands the source that it is based on and wears it proudly on its sleeve. … Continue reading “Mars Attacks!” – A Hilarious Alien Satire that was Mistaken for Parody

“Lifeforce” – Blending Alien Horror and Vampire Lore

The Sci-fi and Horror genres have always gone hand in hand. The unknown and the supernatural are a perfect fit to tell stories that take us to places that we can only dream of. And allows us to delve deep into the human psyche to understand who we are and what we fear the most. And what better way to understand ourselves than to encounter … Continue reading “Lifeforce” – Blending Alien Horror and Vampire Lore

“Dark Skies” 10 Years Later – Why It Failed to Abduct Audience Attention

Alien abduction films occupy a strange gray area in between horror, thriller, and sci-fi.  Thus, they’ve always seemed underrepresented in the large horror zeitgeist. One such example was 2013’s Dark Skies.  Produced by Blumhouse (as well as the Weinstein Company unfortunately), Dark Skies had all the makings of a horror classic, but never really got the attention or recognition it deserved. It’s not without its … Continue reading “Dark Skies” 10 Years Later – Why It Failed to Abduct Audience Attention

“The Lair” – Movie Review

Science gone wrong remains a popular subgenre of both sci-fi and horror (often at their intersection) going all the way back to the monster movies of the 1950s.  In Shudder’s latest exclusive film The Lair, we see extra-terrestrial monster horror set against the backdrop of a war drama and the result is a decent action-horror movie that despite taking itself too seriously at times, ends … Continue reading “The Lair” – Movie Review

40 Fun Facts About John Carpenter’s “The Thing”

Severely underappreciated in its time but regarded as a classic years later, John Carpenter’s The Thing is arguably one of the greatest horror films of all time.  Between its stellar practical effects and creature design, and incredibly tense atmosphere of paranoia and suspense, it’s easy to see why it’s had such lasting power. Since it didn’t get the fanfare it deserved upon initial release, we … Continue reading 40 Fun Facts About John Carpenter’s “The Thing”

“The Seed” – Movie Review

If there’s anything we’ve learned from sci-fi movies, it’s to never mess with anything that falls out of the sky.  Shudder’s latest original movie, The Seed, takes a more comedic and intentionally campy approach to this subject matter.  And the result is very much a mixed bag… Weekend Getaway We begin with three friends, Charlotte, Deidre, and Heather as they stay in a secluded house … Continue reading “The Seed” – Movie Review

American Horror Story: “Inside” Review

After an incredibly frustrating premiere episode, the “Death Valley” segment of AHS: Double Feature gets a little better in the second episode.  Its concurrent storylines are actually starting to converge in such a way that we can see the pieces coming together. 3 Presidents Walk into a Room Opening in 1963, we see a retired President Eisenhower speaking with his former VP (and future president) … Continue reading American Horror Story: “Inside” Review