“Nope” – Movie Review (Spoiler Free)

Following the massive critical and commercial success of Get Out and Us, Jordan Peele has demonstrated his horror chops, along with his ability to make us laugh and scream in terror simultaneously.  In addition to delivering on laughs and scares, Peele’s movie always had a fascinating social commentary infused that allowed for greater discussion. And it’s in all that that Nope definitely feels different than … Continue reading “Nope” – Movie Review (Spoiler Free)

Why “They Live” Remains So Relevant Today

John Carpenter’s 1988 classic They Live was very much a product of its time.  With media like Stranger Things, The Goldbergs and every single slasher requel, it’s easy to look back on the 1980’s with nostalgia. But for every rose-tinted viewpoint, there’s a darker side underneath, and John Carpenter’s sci-fi/horror/action film touched upon that perfectly.  But what’s even more fascinating is that They Live has … Continue reading Why “They Live” Remains So Relevant Today

25 Fun Facts About “Men in Black”

We’ve all wondered whether or not we’re truly alone in the universe, and it’s for that reason that alien media is so popular within science fiction.  Some have even theorized that extraterrestrial beings already live among us, and no film illustrates that scenario better than 1997’s Men in Black. Darkly and sarcastically hilarious, with stellar effects that hold up today, and with a sense of … Continue reading 25 Fun Facts About “Men in Black”

30 Fun Facts About “Alien 3”

The Alien franchise remains among the most iconic in all of sci-fi and horror.  However, things started to go downhill for the series after the very poorly received Alien 3 in 1992.  So in honor of its 30th anniversary, we wanted to take a look back at this arguably misunderstood movie that was ruined not by its creators, but by studio suits.  Here are 30 … Continue reading 30 Fun Facts About “Alien 3”

20th Century Studios Releases Brief, But Thrilling Teaser for Predator Prequel “Prey”

Every since Arnold Schwarzenegger first fought to the death against the extra-terrestrial hunter in 1987, the Predator franchise has been a staple of sci-fi action/horror.  Consisting of six total films (including two crossovers with the xenomorphs from Alien), 20th Century Studios had previously announced that audiences would be gifted with a seventh installment in that series.And with the release of a brief, but thrilling teaser … Continue reading 20th Century Studios Releases Brief, But Thrilling Teaser for Predator Prequel “Prey”

American Horror Story: “Inside” Review

After an incredibly frustrating premiere episode, the “Death Valley” segment of AHS: Double Feature gets a little better in the second episode.  Its concurrent storylines are actually starting to converge in such a way that we can see the pieces coming together. 3 Presidents Walk into a Room Opening in 1963, we see a retired President Eisenhower speaking with his former VP (and future president) … Continue reading American Horror Story: “Inside” Review

American Horror Story: “Take Me to Your Leader” Review

After wrapping up the first half of Double Feature titled “Red Tide”, American Horror Story continued this week with “Death Valley”, taking us far from the brisk seatown in Massachusetts to the dry and hot desert of the American Southwest. (Minor Spoilers) Creature Feature Opening in 1954, we see President Eisenhower (played by Neal McDonough) dealing with a UFO landing in the desert.  Amid the … Continue reading American Horror Story: “Take Me to Your Leader” Review

Making Sense of “Color Out of Space”

In many ways, it’s kind of surprising that a movie like Color Out of Space even happened. Director Richard Stanley had been coming off of a 24 year directing hiatus, and there hadn’t really been a “mainstream” H.P. Lovecraft adaptation since Dagon almost 20 years prior. But the stars (and other things) all aligned to produce this very strange film. One that people argue is … Continue reading Making Sense of “Color Out of Space”

Into the Dark: “Crawlers” Review

After two rather disappointing entries in their Into the Dark series, Hulu and Blumhouse redeemed themselves with the latest installment of holiday horror; a St. Patrick’s Day themed alien invasion film titled “Crawlers”. For anyone who’s tired of only watching the Leprechaun films on Saint Patrick’s Day, here’s a fun sci-fi horror alternative1 Not Your Typical Bar Crawl The usual drunken March 17th festivities are … Continue reading Into the Dark: “Crawlers” Review

10 Themes That Would Be Awesome for AHS Season 10

As we bid 1984 farewell (and debate it endlessly on social media), many American Horror Story fans are continuing the annual tradition of guessing what next season’s theme might be.  The official announcement usually doesn’t come for months, but it is a lot of fun to speculate. And with season 10 being rumored as the series’ last, the stakes are higher than ever.  So here … Continue reading 10 Themes That Would Be Awesome for AHS Season 10