Ranking Every Season of “American Horror Story” (Including “1984”)

They say you can tell a lot about a person based on which season of American Horror Story is their favorite.  And while there may be some truth to that, we can all agree the series has had some high points, as well as some lows over the past nine years. So we thought it would be fun to take a look back at the … Continue reading Ranking Every Season of “American Horror Story” (Including “1984”)

AHS 1984: “Final Girl” Review (Spoilers)

As another season of American Horror Story comes to a close, we can’t help be dwell on the emotional and poignant season finales of the past.  One thing that AHS has usually delivers in their final episodes is some sort of character-driven, emotional catharsis, that’s been built towards all season. And in that respect, “Final Girl” succeeds immensely.  Ultimately however, it doesn’t really live up … Continue reading AHS 1984: “Final Girl” Review (Spoilers)

AHS 1984: “Rest in Pieces” Review (Spoilers)

As American Horror Story prepares for the epic climax of its 9th season, it takes just one more episode to build and set everything in motion, for what will hopefully be an amazing ending.  “Rest in Pieces” is a somewhat slow, but necessary rising action that will surely pay off in the season finale next week! Three’s (Serial Killers) Company The episode begins with a … Continue reading AHS 1984: “Rest in Pieces” Review (Spoilers)

AHS 1984: “The Lady in White” Review (Spoilers)

After an episode that really set things in motion for a finale, “The Lady in White” slows down, and takes a step back to help expand the mythos of this season.  But is it a worthy follow up to what is arguably one of the best seasons of the series so far?  Let’s find out and take a closer (spoiler filled) look into “The Lady … Continue reading AHS 1984: “The Lady in White” Review (Spoilers)

AHS 1984: “Episode 100” Review (Spoilers)

In many ways, last week’s “Red Dawn” episode felt like it could have been the ending to this short miniseries.  It brought about the end of a 5 episode sequence almost told in real time as we saw our cast of counselors fighting off two serial killers, along with a few betraying psychopaths in their own midst. Not only does this episode mark AHS’s 100th, … Continue reading AHS 1984: “Episode 100” Review (Spoilers)

AHS 1984: “Red Dawn” Review (Spoilers)

The long night is finally over!  After an explosive and intense episode last week, “Red Dawn” proved its name true by finally bringing the dawn of a new day, along with the consequences of everything that transpired during the night. (Spoilers Ahead: You’ve Been Warned!!!) Shift in Direction In many ways, last week’s “True Killers” felt very much like a climax to everything that had … Continue reading AHS 1984: “Red Dawn” Review (Spoilers)

AHS 1984: “True Killers” Review (Spoilers)

In a season dealing with serial killers at summer camp, the fourth episodes opens with a flashback to perhaps the most 80’s thing we’ve seen thus far.  We open on Montana teaching an all-male aerobics class to the sounds of Billy Idol. Richard Ramirez walks in and while she’s initially annoyed by him, he kills someone who was rude to her and after they make … Continue reading AHS 1984: “True Killers” Review (Spoilers)

AHS 1984: “Slashdance” Review (Spoilers)

Picking up right where last week’s episode left off, “Slashdance” continues the “real time” approach by all taking place on the same night.  But with a title like that, we can be forgiven if we expecting some sort of reference to Flashdance or even Dirty Dancing.  What we got instead was far more interesting, if not a tiny bit cheesy. Spoilers Ahead, You’ve Been Warned! … Continue reading AHS 1984: “Slashdance” Review (Spoilers)

AHS 1984: “Mr. Jingles” Review (Spoilers)

Last week, American Horror Story: 1984 proved to be one of the best season premieres in the series’ long history.  It worked perfectly as the first act setup to what is quickly becoming an amalgamation of all our beloved 80’s slashers.  But can the second episode keep this creepy momentum going?  Let’s take a closer look at Episode 2, “Mr. Jingles”! Legitimately Tense Television In … Continue reading AHS 1984: “Mr. Jingles” Review (Spoilers)

AHS: 1984 – “Camp Redwood” Review

Another fall, another season of American Horror Story.  The long-running anthology series is now beginning its 9th season, and for many, it’s hard to remember a time that September wasn’t accompanied by a new season. Now, with Stranger Things, The Goldbergs, and so many others making 80’s nostalgia all the rage, it’s no surprise that American Horror Story is going back to the year 1984! … Continue reading AHS: 1984 – “Camp Redwood” Review