“Books of Blood” – Movie Review

Hulu’s latest original horror film Books of Blood demonstrates how horror anthologies can be very hit or miss.  Based on several short stories from Clive Barker’s collection of the same name, Books of Blood has some cool ideas (no doubt from Barker’s storylines), but the overall execution is regrettably a bit underwhelming. Decent Premise Taking the Pulp Fiction approach, the movie features two separate stories, … Continue reading “Books of Blood” – Movie Review

“Scare Me” – Movie Review

Whether or not something scares someone is often used as criteria for the quality of a horror movie or story.  Shudder’s latest original film Scare Me, takes this concept and runs with it. It’s a truly unique horror “anthology” that may or may not actually fit the definition of that word.  Inevitably it’s going to prove very divisive among horror fans, with both 10 star … Continue reading “Scare Me” – Movie Review

“Verotika”: WTF Was That?

Horror is an incredibly unique genre in that even its terrible movies can still be quite fun and entertaining.  The same certainly can’t be said for a comedy that isn’t funny or a drama that’s absolutely ridiculous. But a horror film can be so bad that it’s hilarious to mock and laugh at.  As The Last Drive In host Joe Bob Briggs has often said, … Continue reading “Verotika”: WTF Was That?

“Scare Package” – Movie Review

Between Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, Scream, Cabin in the Woods, Behind the Mask, and many more, one could say that meta horror has become a subgenre in its own right. Shudder’s latest original, Scare Package, tows this line between meta and downright parody, all while presenting itself in an anthology style that horror is so well known for. The result is an out of control … Continue reading “Scare Package” – Movie Review

How the “American Horror Stories” Spinoff Could be Brilliant

Earlier this week, American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy announced yet another series to add to is laundry list of production credits. American Horror Stories (emphasis on the plural) will reportedly be an anthology series more so in the sense of Creepshow or Twilight Zone. Each episode will be its own story, rather than separate season-long arcs. Honestly, this is probably the best thing that … Continue reading How the “American Horror Stories” Spinoff Could be Brilliant

Creepshow Review – “Gray Matter”/”The House of the Head” (Spoilers)

In an awesomely surprising move, Shudder dropped their new anthology series Creepshow several hours early today and horror fans couldn’t be more thrilled.  They’ve been eager with anticipation ever since the terrifying streaming service first announced this follow up to the 1982 Stephen King/George A. Romero classic. But in the almost 40 years since that original film, could a new TV revival ever live up … Continue reading Creepshow Review – “Gray Matter”/”The House of the Head” (Spoilers)