“The Omen” 1976 vs. 2006

There are few villains that are as epitome of evil as the Antichrist.  But what if the almighty sinister being on this Earth was just a young, seemingly innocent child?  The intrigue of that concept has led to 1976’s The Omen becoming a horror classic for 45 years now. Then on June 6, 2006 the studio couldn’t resist capitalizing on that date and released a … Continue reading “The Omen” 1976 vs. 2006

Cursed Films: “The Omen” Review

While the alleged curse of The Exorcist took form in a set fire and the death of Max von Sydow’s brother, The Omen seemed to up the ante, so to speak. Long has legend told stories of cast and crew members dying, as well as a demonic force truly present. The latest episode of Shudder’s Cursed Films docuseries begs the dreaded question, did this film … Continue reading Cursed Films: “The Omen” Review

20 Fun Facts About “End of Days”

By 1999, Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of the biggest A-listers in all of Hollywood.  Audiences had seen him tangle with terminators, contend with kindergarteners, pursue a predator, and do battle with Batman and barbarians, but he had yet to take on the most worthy adversary in the universe: the devil himself! As hard as it may be to believe, 20 years have now passed since … Continue reading 20 Fun Facts About “End of Days”