“The Northman” – Movie Review

If there’s one thing that writer/director Robert Eggers is known for, it’s his ability to tell an incredibly disturbing story with an amazing attention to detail for historical accuracy and realism.  The Witch and The Lighthouse were both hailed by critics as “elevated horror”, but that term does them a disservice as they’re both so much more than that. Following the success of both of … Continue reading “The Northman” – Movie Review

“Last Night in Soho” – Movie Review

Known more for comedy, Edgar Wright has certainly dabbled into horror with what was arguably one of the best zombie movies of the 2000’s, Shaun of the Dead.  His fast and intentionally choppy editing style has been used to great perfection when it comes to getting laughs.  And in his latest film Last Night in Soho, he proves to be just as effective at eliciting … Continue reading “Last Night in Soho” – Movie Review

Focus Releases Full Trailer for Edgar Wright’s “Last Night in Soho”

Like so many other movies that got several delays in 2020, Edgar Wright’s latest psychological horror movie Last Night in Soho is finally coming out later this year.  In preparation, Focus Features just released its first full trailer! 60s Mood Following in the footsteps and Lost and 2019’s Escape Room, the Last Night in Soho trailer gives us one more reason to be creeped out … Continue reading Focus Releases Full Trailer for Edgar Wright’s “Last Night in Soho”