Why the 1970’s was the Best Decade of Horror

Most horror fans have very strong opinions on which decade is their favorite for the genre. The only thing that most of them can agree on is that the older decades are better than the current ones. But that’s not to discount all of the brilliant horror that’s been released in the 2010’s The 30’s/40’s were all about the classic monsters, the 50’s dealt with … Continue reading Why the 1970’s was the Best Decade of Horror

The Definitive “First” Slasher Movie

For years, the slasher subgenre has been a staple of horror itself. It’s often the first type of film that pops into someone’s head when the word “horror” is even uttered.  And yet no one can seem to agree on what the first slasher movie truly was. Different people use different criteria, and usually it comes down to 6 main contenders.  So we thought it … Continue reading The Definitive “First” Slasher Movie

Top 5 Most Disappointing Horror Films of 2019

We certainly had some horror greats this year (see the full list here), but no year is without its letdowns.  However, let’s be clear and point out that these films are the most disappointing of the year, rather than the worst.  We’re not saying that these are downright terrible, rather they missed the mark on great potential, or failed to live up to expectations. (Click … Continue reading Top 5 Most Disappointing Horror Films of 2019

45 Merry Facts About “Black Christmas”

Argued by many to be the first true slasher, agreed by all to be a horror and Christmas classic, Black Christmas has certainly made its mark in the cinematic landscape.  It may have been remade twice, but there’s no topping the iconic original (we even an official showdown here). So as we celebrate this horror classic turning 45 years old, let’s bask in the yuletide … Continue reading 45 Merry Facts About “Black Christmas”

“Black Christmas” 1974 vs. 2006 vs. 2019

Hollywood’s penchant for remakes has reached the point that we’re now getting remakes of remakes, which shouldn’t be all that surprising anymore.  Nevertheless, it’s given us cases, such as this, where we now have three versions of the same film. However, these three could not be any more different.  So in the spirit of Christmas cheer and holiday horror, we thought it would be fun … Continue reading “Black Christmas” 1974 vs. 2006 vs. 2019

“Black Christmas” (2019) – Movie Review

Despite usually being immediately disregarded by critics, horror films have always been far smarter than they get credit for.  Through extreme situations and storylines, they’re often able to contain a subtext that’s trying to either make a bold statement or provoke mindful thought. Sometimes however, a horror film (or any film for that matter) tries so hard to convey a specific theme or agenda that … Continue reading “Black Christmas” (2019) – Movie Review