“M3GAN” is Equal Parts Campy Fun and Creepy Doll Horror [Review]

The most frightening thing about Artificial Intelligence (AI) is that it doesn’t necessarily have to turn “evil” in order to cause harm to humans.  It merely needs to think that causing harm to humans is a necessary byproduct to achieving its goal.  In essence, it will do exactly as we humans program it to do, and in doing so, will cause harm without remorse in … Continue reading “M3GAN” is Equal Parts Campy Fun and Creepy Doll Horror [Review]

“The Black Phone” – Movie Review (Spoiler Free)

After very publicly exiting Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, director Scott Derrickson went back to full horror with an adaption of Joe Hill’s short story “The Black Phone”.  Reuniting with Ethan Hawke and James Ransone from Sinister, Derrickson delivers with a film that features interesting characters, a tense story, and an overall chilling experience! Child Endangerment Opening in 1978, we see a seemingly … Continue reading “The Black Phone” – Movie Review (Spoiler Free)

“Dashcam” – Movie Review

While the world remained in indefinite lockdown during the first half of 2020, British writer/director Rob Savage took the anxieties and uncertainties we all felt and turned it into an award winning 50 minute film called Host.  Shot entirely over Zoom during the first wave of quarantine, Host perfectly captured what it felt like during that time, while also delivering a legitimately creepy supernatural thriller. … Continue reading “Dashcam” – Movie Review

“The Forever Purge” – Movie Review

What began as a home invasion film with a twist has grown into one of the most over the top, brutally violent, and socially relevant action/horror franchises ever seen. After the incredibly popular Purge: Election Year, we’ve gotten a prequel movie with The First Purge, and a prequel series with the Purge TV show on USA. But we’ve never gotten a proper sequel that followed … Continue reading “The Forever Purge” – Movie Review

Creative Ways to Spend Purge Night (Other Than Murdering)

Other than an internal sense of morality, what’s honestly stopping people from committing crimes?  The Purge franchise has always examined this idea, portraying a nation devoid of laws for 12 continuous hours. And while murder seems to be the go to crime for just about every character in the series, there are honestly much more creative (and productive) ways to spend Purge Night.  So we … Continue reading Creative Ways to Spend Purge Night (Other Than Murdering)

Universal Drops Bloody and Brutal Trailer for “Halloween Kills”

The wait is finally over, for the full trailer that is.  After being postponed an entire year to October 2021, Universal finally dropped the first full trailer of Halloween Kills, at 10pm EST no less! We had previously seen a brief snippet of the triumphant trio (Laurie, her daughter, and granddaughter) in a 30 second clip, but here we get Michael Myers himself, and whole … Continue reading Universal Drops Bloody and Brutal Trailer for “Halloween Kills”

Blumhouse Releases Trailer for “The Forever Purge”

After being pushed back a full year, like so many other movies, The Forever Purge is finally getting its wide release this coming 4th of July weekend (the same weekend the last two movies were released), and Blumhouse just graced us with a trailer that looks legitimately awesome! Ever since the original Purge came out back in 2013, fans on the internet have loved to … Continue reading Blumhouse Releases Trailer for “The Forever Purge”

How Leigh Whannell Made “The Invisible Man” Scary Again

Between 2010’s The Wolfman, 2014’s Dracula Untold, and 2017’s The Mummy, Universal has tried (and failed) several times to launch what would be their “Dark Universe”.  And while Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible-inspired Mummy film seemed to be the nail in the coffin (no pun intended), Universal still eventually found success rebranding one of their old properties. And the reason is largely due to Leigh Whannell.  … Continue reading How Leigh Whannell Made “The Invisible Man” Scary Again

Could the Purge Ever Really Happen?

Back in 2013, The Purge tapped into that dark part of us that we dare not speak of. Who hasn’t fantasized for a second about what they would do to someone who wronged them if there were no consequences? Surely the vast majority of people would never actually harm someone, but the thought it is there, however briefly. And upon the release of the first … Continue reading Could the Purge Ever Really Happen?

Into the Dark: “Crawlers” Review

After two rather disappointing entries in their Into the Dark series, Hulu and Blumhouse redeemed themselves with the latest installment of holiday horror; a St. Patrick’s Day themed alien invasion film titled “Crawlers”. For anyone who’s tired of only watching the Leprechaun films on Saint Patrick’s Day, here’s a fun sci-fi horror alternative1 Not Your Typical Bar Crawl The usual drunken March 17th festivities are … Continue reading Into the Dark: “Crawlers” Review