“The Invisible Man” – Movie Review (Spoiler Free)

To say that Universal’s “Dark Universe” was an abject failure would be quite the understatement.  However, from the ashes of its destruction comes the potential for revisiting old classics without having to unnaturally force them into a shared universe.  The Invisible Man is one such example. Screenwriter/director Leigh Whannell has proven once again that he can tell a compelling story that’s tense, thought-provoking, all while … Continue reading “The Invisible Man” – Movie Review (Spoiler Free)

“Fantasy Island” – Movie Review

On the surface, remaking the classic TV series Fantasy Island into a straight-up horror film isn’t a terrible idea.  With so many soulless remakes and reboots simply churning out cheap imitations of nostalgic properties, Blumhouse’s idea to change genres for Fantasy Island is a refreshing new take. It’s everything that a remake should be…at least in theory.  In practice, this film wastes its immense potential … Continue reading “Fantasy Island” – Movie Review

Into the Dark: “My Valentine” Review

Another month, another holiday, another installments of Hulu’s horror anthology Into the Dark! “My Valentine” doesn’t deal with Valentine’s Day directly, but it analyzes a common issue among relationships and runs with it to a horrifying extreme, all while jamming in the meantime. Not Your Typical Concert The film opens with a performance by Valentine (Britt Baron) at a local club. All seems to be … Continue reading Into the Dark: “My Valentine” Review

Into the Dark: “Midnight Kiss” Review

With the myriad of Christmas themed horror films, New Year’s Eve so often gets overlooked.  Hulu’s holiday horror anthology, Into the Dark remedied this in 2018 with “New Year, New You”, and now they’ve done so again with “Midnight Kiss”.  While this New Year slasher does a lot for representation in the genre, ultimately it falls short in the horror department.  So let’s take a … Continue reading Into the Dark: “Midnight Kiss” Review

“Ma” Movie Review (Spoiler Free)

2019, R, Directed by Tate Taylor, Blumhouse/Universal, 99 minutes Humans are naturally social creatures, and thus we all crave acceptance.  Whether that comes in the form of romantic relationships, deep friendships, or group identity, we all want to feel like we belong to something.  And sadly, we’re often very quick to dismiss someone if we feel they don’t quite fit in.  There have been countless … Continue reading “Ma” Movie Review (Spoiler Free)