Top 10 Creepy Dolls in Horror Movies/TV

Despite being primarily used as children’s toys, there is something inherently creepy about dolls; especially the larger ones that are almost the size of children.  It taps into some primal survival instinct in our brain when we see something that has a humanoid shape or figure, but that we know isn’t human. So it’s no surprise that the horror genre has capitalized on this with … Continue reading Top 10 Creepy Dolls in Horror Movies/TV

“Brahms: The Boy II” – Movie Review

Four years after reminding us why dolls are so creepy, Brahms is back to terrify us again.  But given how the first film went, how can the story even continue?  And most importantly, does the sequel justify its own existence?  Let’s take a closer at Brahms: The Boy II and find out! (Spoiler free for this movie, but spoilers for the first one) Already Traumatized … Continue reading “Brahms: The Boy II” – Movie Review