Why “Peeping Tom” Was Way Ahead of Its Time

Often compared to Psycho, and considered by some to be the first slasher film (more on that here), Peeping Tom took the world by storm upon its release in England way back in 1960. Sadly, it seems that society wasn’t ready for a film like this, and it even ruined the career of director Michael Powell. To commemorate this classic movie’s 60th anniversary, we thought … Continue reading Why “Peeping Tom” Was Way Ahead of Its Time

“Dracula” (2020) – Review

Holding the Guiness World Record for most frequently portrayed literary character, adaptations of Dracula don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.  This latest iteration, brought to us by Mark Gatiss and Stephen Moffat (of Sherlock and Doctor Who fame), brings the titular vampire into modern day. All while exploring his overall themes and philosophies of immortality, fear, dominance, and death itself.  Gatiss and Moffat … Continue reading “Dracula” (2020) – Review