American Horror Stories: “Feral” Review

After dealing with familiar haunted houses, a killer Santa, and fertility demons, the penultimate episode of American Horror Stories deals with the great outdoors, and the terrors that lie within.  “Feral” is another strong contender, following the refreshingly good episode last week. Family TragedyOpening with gorgeous cinematography of a national park, we see a car driving up a winding road (in a shot that mirrors … Continue reading American Horror Stories: “Feral” Review

“Cannibal Holocaust” vs. “The Green Inferno”

Despite being infamous as one of the most controversial films of all time, there’s no denying that Cannibal Holocaust has had a profound effect on horror, and cinema in general. It remains the first true found footage movie, and inspired a generation of filmmakers, most notably Eli Roth. The director of Hostel and Cabin Fever has made it no secret that Ruggero Deodato’s visceral film … Continue reading “Cannibal Holocaust” vs. “The Green Inferno”

Ranking the Entire Texas Chainsaw Massacre Series

When it comes to iconic slasher franchises, we always think of Halloween, Friday the 13th, and A Nightmare on Elm Street.  Very often, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is overlooked as a franchise, and Leatherface doesn’t get nearly as much attention as his fellow slashers. Which is rather strange, considering his cinematic debut predated that of Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees, and Freddy Krueger.  So as this … Continue reading Ranking the Entire Texas Chainsaw Massacre Series