Chucky: “Just Let Go” Review

Following a fiery episode that resulted in the death of one of Jake’s classmates, and an inferno that left several others in the hospital, the latest episode of Chucky slows down a bit and takes time with its characters. Unlikely Alliance Jake arrives at the hospital to find his cousin Junior, his romantic interest Devon, and Lexy’s little sister Caroline (whom he gave Chucky to) … Continue reading Chucky: “Just Let Go” Review

Chucky: “Death by Misadventure” Review

It’s been 4 years since Don Mancini left the Chucky franchise off on a cliffhanger with Cult of Chucky.  Not counting the 2019 remake (honestly who does?), we haven’t seen anything from our favorite killer doll.  That is, until now. Premiering on both SyFy and USA, the new Chucky series feels like a breath of fresh air into the franchise, as well as a return … Continue reading Chucky: “Death by Misadventure” Review

30 Fun Facts About “Child’s Play 2”

You can’t keep a Good Guy down, which seems to be true of sequels.  Following the success of 1988’s Child’s Play, a sequel was inevitable, and the result was 1990’s Child’s Play 2. Considered by many franchise fans to be even better than the original, this sequel took ideas the first movie only toyed with, and ran with them. In a series that’s still going … Continue reading 30 Fun Facts About “Child’s Play 2”