Chucky: “Chucky Actually” Review

Following an incredibly eventful and climactic exorcism and crossover of every character important to the franchise, no one knew how or where the season finale of Chucky would then take the story.  If last week’s episode was the climax, this was very much the epilogue to the season, which tied up loose ends, but also set things up for what comes next… Christmas Surprises Much … Continue reading Chucky: “Chucky Actually” Review

Chucky: “Twice the Grieving, Double the Loss” Review

As Chucky preps for next week’s season finale, the stakes have never been higher.  The series began by introducing new characters and easing us back into this world of possessed killer dolls, but the last two episodes have brought back a lot of characters and elements from before, all culminating together in what will hopefully prove to be a kickass finale.  This penultimate episode did … Continue reading Chucky: “Twice the Grieving, Double the Loss” Review