Chucky: “Goin’ to the Chapel” Review

Last week’s episode left us all in shock with an emotional gut punch of a cliffhanger.  Nadine was a character that we didn’t know for very long, but there was a real humanity she added and Bella Higginbotham had an amazing ability to really stand out in a cast filled with very interesting and eccentric characters. As we mourn the loss of her character, this … Continue reading Chucky: “Goin’ to the Chapel” Review

Chucky: “He is Risen Indeed” Review

Last week’s episode “Doll on Doll” left us wondering if “Nice Chucky” was genuine, had Tiffany wondering about her mental state, and had Glen wondering about their past.  It also gave us a pretty massive revelation in the form of a cliffhanger, which this episode “He Is Risen Indeed” picks up and just runs with it! Shocking Revelations While episode cliffhangers have revealed that Andy … Continue reading Chucky: “He is Risen Indeed” Review

Chucky: “Hail, Mary!” Review

After an episode that left us with an amusingly frustrating cliffhanger, this latest episode of Chucky not only delivered on paying off a subplot we haven’t seen since 2004, it also expanded on the franchise’s own mythology in a fascinating way. Switching Sides Following the capture of the scout Chucky that was sent to gather information on the three teenage protagonists, Jake, Devon, and Lexy … Continue reading Chucky: “Hail, Mary!” Review

Chucky: “The Sinners Are Much More Fun” Review

Another week, another episode of SyFy/USA’s Chucky.  While the season premiere felt like an epilogue to last season while also transitioning to the new setting, this second episode really set the tone of what we’re in for this season.  In a way, it almost feels like a different series now, and that’s very much a compliment! The Way of the Lord Following the end of … Continue reading Chucky: “The Sinners Are Much More Fun” Review

Chucky: “Twice the Grieving, Double the Loss” Review

As Chucky preps for next week’s season finale, the stakes have never been higher.  The series began by introducing new characters and easing us back into this world of possessed killer dolls, but the last two episodes have brought back a lot of characters and elements from before, all culminating together in what will hopefully prove to be a kickass finale.  This penultimate episode did … Continue reading Chucky: “Twice the Grieving, Double the Loss” Review

Chucky: “Just Let Go” Review

Following a fiery episode that resulted in the death of one of Jake’s classmates, and an inferno that left several others in the hospital, the latest episode of Chucky slows down a bit and takes time with its characters. Unlikely Alliance Jake arrives at the hospital to find his cousin Junior, his romantic interest Devon, and Lexy’s little sister Caroline (whom he gave Chucky to) … Continue reading Chucky: “Just Let Go” Review

Chucky: “I Like to Be Hugged” Review

The latest episode Chucky “I Like to be Hugged” continues the series trend of blending dark humor with well-written characters and great suspense.  But it takes things into new directions, and goes down a path of no return… Murder School Opening last week’s Halloween party at Oliver’s house, Jake is understandably devastated after watching Lexy blatantly mock his dead father with her costume.  After finally … Continue reading Chucky: “I Like to Be Hugged” Review

Chucky: “Give Me Something Good to Eat” Review

Following a really strong series premier, SyFy/USA’s Chucky gave us an episode had less going on plotwise, but did a lot with its characters and relished in its setting. This is Halloween Opening with a flashback to Halloween 1965, we see a very young Charles Lee Ray biting in a razor filled apple, but giving a bloody smile in response (definitely a precursor to his … Continue reading Chucky: “Give Me Something Good to Eat” Review

Chucky: “Death by Misadventure” Review

It’s been 4 years since Don Mancini left the Chucky franchise off on a cliffhanger with Cult of Chucky.  Not counting the 2019 remake (honestly who does?), we haven’t seen anything from our favorite killer doll.  That is, until now. Premiering on both SyFy and USA, the new Chucky series feels like a breath of fresh air into the franchise, as well as a return … Continue reading Chucky: “Death by Misadventure” Review