Top 10 Creepy Dolls in Horror Movies/TV

Despite being primarily used as children’s toys, there is something inherently creepy about dolls; especially the larger ones that are almost the size of children.  It taps into some primal survival instinct in our brain when we see something that has a humanoid shape or figure, but that we know isn’t human. So it’s no surprise that the horror genre has capitalized on this with … Continue reading Top 10 Creepy Dolls in Horror Movies/TV

“M3GAN” is Equal Parts Campy Fun and Creepy Doll Horror [Review]

The most frightening thing about Artificial Intelligence (AI) is that it doesn’t necessarily have to turn “evil” in order to cause harm to humans.  It merely needs to think that causing harm to humans is a necessary byproduct to achieving its goal.  In essence, it will do exactly as we humans program it to do, and in doing so, will cause harm without remorse in … Continue reading “M3GAN” is Equal Parts Campy Fun and Creepy Doll Horror [Review]

American Horror Stories: “Dollhouse” Review

After a lukewarm received first season, the American Horror Story spinoff series, American Horror Stories (emphasis on the plural) is back with a second season.  And its premiere episode “Dollhouse” is a refreshing step up from pretty much everything we got last year.  Let’s dig into why that is. Spoilers Ahead: You’ve Been Warned Twisted Game A young woman named Coby (Kristine Froseth) goes for … Continue reading American Horror Stories: “Dollhouse” Review