20 Fun Facts About “Dagon”

We sadly lost Stuart Gordon in 2020, but his legacy includes a myriad of H.P. Lovecraft adaptations, including Re-Animator, From Beyond, and Castle Freak.  However when it comes to his Lovecraft adaptations, one that often gets overlooked is 2001’s Dagon. It’s a creepy and surreal tale (pun intended) that never quite got the recognition it deserves among mainstream horror fans.  So in honor of its … Continue reading 20 Fun Facts About “Dagon”

Lovecraft Country: “Sundown” Review

As many of us horror fans enjoy films like The Re-Animator, From Beyond, Castle Freak, Dagon, and Color Out of Space, it’s hard to wrestle with the fact that the author who originated those stories held views that were so atrocious, even extreme for his own day. H.P. Lovecraft’s virulent racism has long been an uncomfortable subject for those who enjoy his work. HBO’s new … Continue reading Lovecraft Country: “Sundown” Review