“The Lords of Salem”: Rob Zombie’s Strangest, Most Fascinating Movie

Rob Zombie is definitely a subgenre on his own.  Known for his hyper-violent, hyper-vulgar, and hyper-grotesque everything, his films usually fall into the brutally gory slasher genre.  But, citing old school classic horror as an inspiration, they’ve always had a sense of surrealist style to them. And no film of his captures this style quite like 2012’s The Lords of Salem.  It has all the … Continue reading “The Lords of Salem”: Rob Zombie’s Strangest, Most Fascinating Movie

“Impetigore” – Movie Review

How responsible are we for the circumstances of our birth? This deep philosophical query is the very heart of Shudder’s latest original movie Impetigore, written and directed by the incredibly talented Joko Anwar. He’s become a leading voice in Indonesian horror, and hopefully he has many more ideas to show us! Discovering Our Roots For someone who moved at an early age, it’s not at … Continue reading “Impetigore” – Movie Review

Hereditary vs. Midsommar

Ari Aster may have only directed two feature films, but both have certainly made waves and proved to be incredibly divisive by horror fans. It seems that people either understood these movies, finding them brilliant, or found them incredibly boring. But we can’t deny that Aster blended arthouse cinematic brilliance with psychological horror, and the results are two of the best horror movies of 2018 … Continue reading Hereditary vs. Midsommar

“The Grudge” (2020) – Movie Review

They say that when someone dies in a terrible rage, a curse is born.  They also say that when a movie franchise does well at the box office, it’s only a matter of time before another sequel/remake gets made.  Unsurprisingly, both of these ideas will be explored as we take an in depth look at the 2020 version of The Grudge (they really had to … Continue reading “The Grudge” (2020) – Movie Review