Everything Coming to Shudder May 2022

Halfway to Halloween Month may be over once April is, but Shudder still has quite the lineup planned for May: including the likes of Joe Bob Briggs, Eli Roth, and an award winning AAPI zombie movie as part of its originals lineup! Exclusives/Originals May 5 – Cursed Films II (Season Finale) The second season finale of Shudder’s acclaimed documentary series will delved into the making … Continue reading Everything Coming to Shudder May 2022

Top 10 Shudder Originals of 2020

As 2020 comes to its much anticipated end, it’s a time for self-reflection and nostalgia. Looking back on this most tumultuous of years, Shudder was always there for us horror fans. Between watch-alongs, interacting with fans over social media, and a constant slew on new original content each month.  So we thought it would fun to look back and highlight the best and most entertaining … Continue reading Top 10 Shudder Originals of 2020

Cursed Films: “The Crow/Twilight Zone: The Movie” Review

Shudder’s final two episodes of their intriguing docuseries Cursed Films deal with tragic on set accidents that resulted in the loss of life. Unlike the supposed supernatural curses associated with The Exorcist, The Omen, and Poltergeist, the disastrous events on the sets of Twilight Zone: The Movie and The Crow were the direct results of mishaps on set. And perhaps that’s the real curse. Real … Continue reading Cursed Films: “The Crow/Twilight Zone: The Movie” Review

Cursed Films: “Poltergeist” Review

As we all remain in quarantine, turning to beloved horror films and shows like Cursed Films to keep us busy, the aforementioned docuseries asks a bold question: can an evil curse spread via an object like a virus? Analyzing the unfortunate deaths that surrounded the Poltergeist franchise, Cursed Films attempts to understand just what happened. Mystique From Tragedy Even more so than the previous films … Continue reading Cursed Films: “Poltergeist” Review

Cursed Films: “The Omen” Review

While the alleged curse of The Exorcist took form in a set fire and the death of Max von Sydow’s brother, The Omen seemed to up the ante, so to speak. Long has legend told stories of cast and crew members dying, as well as a demonic force truly present. The latest episode of Shudder’s Cursed Films docuseries begs the dreaded question, did this film … Continue reading Cursed Films: “The Omen” Review