“Warning: Do Not Play” – Movie Review

Very often, artists throw themselves into their work, sometimes taking it far into dangerous territory. Is it ever worth it when it’s all for the sake of art? Shudder’s newest original film, a meta supernatural thriller from South Korea analyzes these very questions, and gets very disturbing along the way! Curiosity Killed the Film Crew The film begins with a nightmare as our main character … Continue reading “Warning: Do Not Play” – Movie Review

Cursed Films: “Poltergeist” Review

As we all remain in quarantine, turning to beloved horror films and shows like Cursed Films to keep us busy, the aforementioned docuseries asks a bold question: can an evil curse spread via an object like a virus? Analyzing the unfortunate deaths that surrounded the Poltergeist franchise, Cursed Films attempts to understand just what happened. Mystique From Tragedy Even more so than the previous films … Continue reading Cursed Films: “Poltergeist” Review

“Annabelle Comes Home” Movie Review

2019, R, Directed by Gary Dauberman, Warner Brothers/New Line Cinema, 106 minutes Nobody ever expected something as simple as the Annabelle doll would be getting an entire trilogy of films, but here we are.  Initially, it seemed like nothing more than desperate cash grab by Warner Brothers, which was still completely true. But in a strange turn of events, each entry in the spinoff series … Continue reading “Annabelle Comes Home” Movie Review