Ranking Every Scott Derrickson Movie (including The Black Phone)

When it comes to modern day masters of horror, Scott Derrickson is a name that often gets overlooked among others like James Wan, Jordan Peele, or Ari Aster.  But his incredibly solid body of horror work goes back two decades, and his most recent release, The Black Phone is further evidence of the genius of his craft.  So we wanted to give Derrickson his due, … Continue reading Ranking Every Scott Derrickson Movie (including The Black Phone)

“Night’s End” – Movie Review

Isolation and horror have gone hand in hand for decades.  Films like The Shining, Misery, The Thing, Alien, and countless others have utilized the characters’ isolation from the outside world as a way for the horror to spread.  Shudder’s latest original film, Night’s End follows in the footsteps as far as thematic elements go.  However its execution is far different (not in a good way) … Continue reading “Night’s End” – Movie Review

“Hellbender” – Movie Review

Not to be confused with the absurd 2012 horror-comedy Hellbenders, Shudder’s latest original movie Hellbender is a family affair in every sense of the word.  Written, directed, shot, and starring the Adams family (no not Gomez and Morticia), this movie manages to be subtle and dramatic, but also incredibly creepy and surreal. Sheltered Existence After a legitimately badass opening scene taking place many years in … Continue reading “Hellbender” – Movie Review

How the “Annabelle” Trilogy Got Better with Each Movie

Without a doubt, the most iconic visual to come out of 2013’s The Conjuring was that of the creepy Annabelle doll.  Its story serves as the film’s prologue, and it does a great job of both introducing Ed and Lorraine Warren, while also setting up an unsettling tone. So it wasn’t a really a surprise that Warner Brothers announced an Annabelle spinoff.  From it spawned … Continue reading How the “Annabelle” Trilogy Got Better with Each Movie

Scott Derrickson and the Art of Blending Horror with Other Genres

Few directors have had the consistently strong track record of Scott Derrickson, particularly in such a short period of time. Getting his start with 2000’s Hellraiser: Inferno (one of the better direct to video sequels of that franchise), he hit it big with the trifecta that was The Exorcism and Emily Rose, Sinister, and Deliver Us from Evil, one after another (with a remake of … Continue reading Scott Derrickson and the Art of Blending Horror with Other Genres

“The Cleansing Hour” – Movie Review

Who’s to say what is and isn’t real on the internet anymore these days?  We’ve all seen a variety of paranormal based shows that purport themselves to be real, but deep down we all suspect are fully staged. Shudder’s latest original film, The Cleansing Hour takes this concept and runs with it deep into demonic territory.  The result is a legitimately tense and creepy paranormal … Continue reading “The Cleansing Hour” – Movie Review

10 Fun Facts About “The Last Exorcism”

Ever since sending shockwaves around the world in 1973, no other film has reached the level that The Exorcist did in terms of cultural impact. In fact, most horror filmmakers try to find ways to subvert the tropes set forth by that classic film. One such movie that does a particularly interesting job of this is 2010’s The Last Exorcism. Produced by Eli Roth, it’s … Continue reading 10 Fun Facts About “The Last Exorcism”

Movies That Are (Technically) Part of the Conjuring Universe

Since 2013, Warner Brothers’ Conjuring Universe has been going strong as the single successful shared universe in the horror genre (much to the dismay of Universal and their short lived “Dark Universe”). Based around the paranormal cases of Ed and Lorraine Warren, there’s no shortage of stories to pull from, given that they were in the paranormal business for well over 50 years!   However, the … Continue reading Movies That Are (Technically) Part of the Conjuring Universe

“Host” – Movie Review

While the world dealt with the complete lockdown in the early months of the global pandemic, Shudder thought that adding a little demonic horror to the mix would spice things up, and they weren’t wrong. The result is Host, a film shot entirely over Zoom, and one which achieves maximum scares and impressive technical achievements, with minimal resources. What Else Is There To Do? Amidst … Continue reading “Host” – Movie Review

Demonic Possession: Hollywood vs. “True” Stories

Demonic possession and exorcism have made for entertaining and terrifying horror films for decades. The very idea that some foreign entity, be a spirit, ghost, or demon could enter a person and take over their body is a rather disturbing idea. However, like most other Hollywood portrayals, there’s a great deal of exaggeration and embellishment to makes things more interesting. And the media’s portrayal of … Continue reading Demonic Possession: Hollywood vs. “True” Stories