25 Gritty Facts About “Se7en”

There’s something inherently frightening, but fascinating about serial killers.  For some reason people seem drawn to stories about them, sometimes even to unhealthy levels of obsession. So it’s no surprise that movies like Se7en gain critical acclaim.  Among many critics there’s a snobby bias against horror films, so movies like this often get called thrillers, but make no mistake, Se7en is definitely a horror film. … Continue reading 25 Gritty Facts About “Se7en”

Hannibal vs. Jigsaw: Who’s the Ultimate Horror Mastermind?

Horror villains come in many shapes, sizes, styles.  From the wisecracking serial killers like Chucky and Freddy Krueger, to the strong silent slashers like Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees, and Leatherface, to the demonic forces of nature like Pinhead, Pazuzu, and the devil himself. But when it comes to the most intelligent and intellectual villains, there are a distinct two that come to mind.  One is … Continue reading Hannibal vs. Jigsaw: Who’s the Ultimate Horror Mastermind?

“Knives Out” Review (Spoiler Free)

Following the release of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, and its immense fan backlash (much of which went way too far), Rian Johnson took a step back from large franchise filmmaking, and instead embarked on writing and directing an original project far better than anything he could ever do with the constraints of a major studio.  What resulted is arguably his best film … Continue reading “Knives Out” Review (Spoiler Free)