Dexter Morgan vs. Joe Goldberg: Who’s the More Fascinating Sociopath?

Both Dexter Morgan and Joe Goldberg could be described as anti-heroes that people root for to a degree that’s borderline unhealthy.  Potential for toxic relationships aside, these two characters are similar in more ways than you’d expect. They both had tragic pasts, and grow up to lead double lives, always concealing their true selves.  They both had a relationship with someone who despite not knowing … Continue reading Dexter Morgan vs. Joe Goldberg: Who’s the More Fascinating Sociopath?

Dexter: New Blood – “Storm of F*ck” Review

After learning the hard way that Dexter’s dark passenger will never be too far from him.  The second episode of Dexter: New Blood sees our favorite serial killer covering his tracks amidst a town wide search, as well as atone for his mistakes as a father. Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been Warned New Secrets Following Dexter’s oh so satisfying disposal of Matt Caldwell, the entire … Continue reading Dexter: New Blood – “Storm of F*ck” Review

Dexter: “Cold Snap” Review

It’s been nearly 10 years since the Dexter series finale universally disappointed fans.  And while that ending remains absolutely abysmal (for frustrating reasons), Dexter: New Blood seeks to right some of those wrongs as it picks up with our favorite serial killer in upstate New York. Spoilers Ahead – You’ve Been Warned The Return of Dexter Morgan From the very first shot, it’s quite clear … Continue reading Dexter: “Cold Snap” Review

Top 10 Dexter Villains

In a golden age of TV antiheroes like Tony Soprano and Walter White, Showtime’s Dexter got (mostly) sane audiences to quite literally sympathize and root for a serial killer.  Despite the series’ abysmal finale, the show itself was always creative and filled with interesting characters. So in honor of the forthcoming spinoff (which will hopefully right the wrongs of the previous finale), we thought it … Continue reading Top 10 Dexter Villains