Etheria Film Night 2022 Review

It’s June at Shudder which means the Etheria Film Festival is back!  For the past three years, Shudder has showcased a collection of horror/sci-fi short films (all directed by women).  So here are our mini-reviews of each of the seven short films.  If you haven’t already, definitely check them out on Shudder! This is Our Home Written and Directed by A.K. Espada We all see … Continue reading Etheria Film Night 2022 Review

2021 Etheria Film Night Shorts – Review

The Etheria Film Festival is back on Shudder this year with another collection of 9 short films in the horror/sci-fi/fantasy genre, all directed by women.  Much like last year, there’s a great variety of films ranging from fun and lighthearted, to dramatically inspiring, to downright disturbing.  So we decided to watch all 9 and give sort of a mini-review of each film. The Fourth Wall … Continue reading 2021 Etheria Film Night Shorts – Review