“Scream, Queen: My Nightmare on Elm Street” – Movie Review

Following up their insightful and inclusive 2019 documentary, Horror Noire, Shudder just released another original documentary, dealing with a very real issue in both our world, as well as the horror genre. Coinciding with the beginning of Pride Month, Scream, Queen: My Nightmare on Elm Street not only address the “infamous” gay subtext of Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge, it also tells an … Continue reading “Scream, Queen: My Nightmare on Elm Street” – Movie Review

Cursed Films: “The Exorcist” Review

Following up their enlightening original documentary Horror Noire, Shudder is taking another dive behind the scenes with Cursed Films: a five part docuseries about the strange happenings that occurred in real life around the productions of some of our favorite horror films. Featuring interviews with cast members (Linda Blair, Eileen Dietz), film critics, and religious studies professors, the first episode analyzes one of the greatest … Continue reading Cursed Films: “The Exorcist” Review