Servant: “Doll” Review

Just two days short of being exactly one year later, the Servant is back with a second season.  Known for creating a myriad and mysteries, and making its audience intentionally uncomfortable, this new season wastes no time at doing with the series does best. The Aftermath Following the events of Jericho’s christening party, that baby himself is missing, with just the doll left behind.  While … Continue reading Servant: “Doll” Review

30 Fun Facts About “Child’s Play 2”

You can’t keep a Good Guy down, which seems to be true of sequels.  Following the success of 1988’s Child’s Play, a sequel was inevitable, and the result was 1990’s Child’s Play 2. Considered by many franchise fans to be even better than the original, this sequel took ideas the first movie only toyed with, and ran with them. In a series that’s still going … Continue reading 30 Fun Facts About “Child’s Play 2”

“Child’s Play” 1988 vs. 2019

After watching characters like Freddy Krueger, Jason Vorhees, Michael Myers, and Leatherface all get the remake/reboot treatment, Chucky remained the final holdout among the classic slasher villains. For years, he was the only one whose franchise was left pure, so to speak. So it came as no surprise that some diehard fans (myself included) were incredibly apprehensive when a Child’s Play remake was announced. However, … Continue reading “Child’s Play” 1988 vs. 2019

10 Horror Movie Themed April Fools’ Pranks

Pranks can be fun any time of year, but on April 1 every year, we’re encouraged to go all out (within reason). So as we all try to pass the time in quarantine, here are 10 horror inspired pranks to do this April Fools’ Day. Fear and laughter so often go hand-in-hand (as demonstrated perfectly by the filmography of Sam Raimi), so we thought this … Continue reading 10 Horror Movie Themed April Fools’ Pranks

“Brahms: The Boy II” – Movie Review

Four years after reminding us why dolls are so creepy, Brahms is back to terrify us again.  But given how the first film went, how can the story even continue?  And most importantly, does the sequel justify its own existence?  Let’s take a closer at Brahms: The Boy II and find out! (Spoiler free for this movie, but spoilers for the first one) Already Traumatized … Continue reading “Brahms: The Boy II” – Movie Review